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Virgin Atlantic

No description

n McIntosh

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic
Instantly drawn to the creativity of the advert

Highly entertaining

Impressive visually

Reminds me of why I love Virgin Atlantic
Founded in
Richard Branson launched the airline with intentions of providing “a high quality, value for money airline”
Virgin Atlantic
"Flying in the face of Ordinary" Campaign
On 22 June 1984 Virgin’s inaugural flight to Newark took place, a flight filled with friends, celebrities and the media.
The airline’s aim was simple: “To provide the highest quality innovative service at excellent value for money for all classes of air travellers”.
Nature of the Product
Virgin Atlantic is an
airline service provider
Britain's second largest
carrier serving the world's major cities
Virgin Atlantic offers three classes of travel - Upper class, Premium Economy and Economy all with award-winning inflight entertainment.
Virgin Atlantic has carried around
passengers since it began operations and now
employs over 9000 people worldwide
Virgin Atlantic currently has a fleet of 38 aircraft flies to 30 destinations
Target Audience
The airline’s aim was simple: “To provide the highest quality innovative service at excellent value for money for all classes of air travellers”.
Upper Class
passengers are predominately travelling on business and are male, 35 to 45 years old, ABC1 and earning £50K plus per annum.
Passengers in
Premium Economy
are split fairly evenly between travelling for business or leisure; most are male, average age 41, ABC1.
passengers are a much broader group, travelling mainly for leisure and evenly spread across most socio-economic groups and age ranges.
Marketing Communications Objectives
Raise awareness of brand quality
Display their values of being a quality assured service provider regardless the customers budget
Don't take themselves too seriously - tongue and cheek advert
Virgin Atlantic invest in their quality service through investing in their employees
Strive for nothing but the best - more than just a flight but an experience
"Flying in the face of ordinary"
" the campaign is unapologetically nostalgic and retro"
Emphasis on glamourous air travel as opposed to price
Affective strategy with fantasy
Tongue and cheek
Their super talents benefit the company which benefits customer
The Strategy
Movie Trailer Design

30-, 60-, 90- second TV edits

Airing during prime time TV

Voice over

heroic theme tune music
"The Virgin Experience"
Features video clips of what customers can experience when they fly with Virgin Atlantic.
Information on what Virgin Atlantic stands for and their history.
TV Advert
Social Media presence - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Used for customer care and to support their current sales

Promoting the campaign

Humorous and entertaining videos/news feeds
more than just an airline
Thank You
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