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Computer Careers

No description

rajvi chavada

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Computer Careers

Admission Requirements Requirements Computer Programing Careers By:Rajvi Chavada $90,530 per year
$43.52 per hour Diploma A bachelors degree in science Job Potential Software Developer Computer Science Computer Hardware Developer High School Programs - Co-Op is availible with this course
-Graphic designing
-Introduction to Computer Science
-Probability & Statistics
-Social Studies
-Business & Management
-Electronics & Communications Technology
-Algebra & Geometry / Calculus -MHF4U (Advanced Function), SCH4U (Chemistry), SPH4U (Physics);
-one of MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors), SBI4U (Biology) or SES4U (Earth and space science) ;
-plus two best 4U/M courses. MCV4U
-recommended. ENG4U or FRA4U (French) Salaries 75-85% for all engineering programs (regular and co-op) Potential Number of Jobs in 2010 913,100 Job Outlook 2010-20 30%-Faster than average Employment Change 270,900 Skills - Attributes & Abilities
-Logical and analytical
-Math and computer skills
-Communication skills
-Problem-solving skills
-Able to keep up to date with
technological advances Universities Colleges All these Universities offer software development, computer science, and computer hardware developer. These are some of the many colleges offering the careers I am about to talk about today. These are local, there are many more in Ontario and Canada. -Organized
-work well under pressure
-Meet deadlines
-Open minded What Is Computer Science? -is the abstract study of computers
-the designs of computer systems (software, structure, layout)
-computer planning and developing
-Study of principles, applications, and technologies of computing and computers.
-Principle of computer architecture
-Develop on human-computer relation
- Find out new ways to use computers. High school Programs - The Maths, Sciences, English
-Introduction to Computer Science (ICS3U, ICS4U)
-Introduction to Computer Programing (ICS3C/ICS4C) Algebra
-Business & Management
-Computer Programming
-Electronics & Communications Technology 72-85% 4U English (ENG4U/EAE4U preferred); MHF4U; one of SPH4U, SCH4U or SBI4U (SPH4U recommended); and either MCV4U or MDM4U (MCV4U preferred). Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites Average of: range in which all universities require Degree Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Computing (BComp)
Masters degree or PhD for higher positionsPhD to teach at University •-$50,000 to $120,000 a year for academic scientists
•-$50,000 to $150,000 a year for others
•-Senior computer scientists earn the most
•-Higher levels of education lead to higher salaries Potential Number of Jobs in 2010: 28,200 Job is growing about: 19% (About as fast as average) Employment change 2010-20: 5,300 Skills -Programming
-reading comprehension (You will need to know
how to read and write codes)
-Patience (There will be bugs, mistakes
in your programing, coding faults etc.)
-Work efficiently and on time
-Organized (There will be many parts and codes to deal with)
- Attributes & Abilities
-Logical and analytical
-Math and computer skills Job Description - research, design, develop, and test computer equipment
-Solve complex problems in its hardware
-Design new computer hardware, and test completed models
-Analyze test results, add modifications
-Develop components that will work with the new software technologies
-test equipment like chips, circuit boards, or routers
-•Design computers and related products, such as circuit boards and monitors Computer hardware engineers... High School Programs High school Courses -English, Mathematics
-Algebra & Geometry / Calculus
-Social Studies
-Computers (Computer
-Drafting & Design
-Electronics & Communications
Technology the mid-80s. MHF4U, MCV4U, any 4U English, one other
4U course, plus two additional 4U/M
courses. Recommended: ICS3U. Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites Average of: Federal government
Computer and electronic product manufacturing $101,320
Computer systems design and related services $98,860
Scientific research and development services $92,080 Potential Employment in 2010 70,000 Job Growth: 9% (Slower than average) Employment Change: 6,300 Skills -Curious
-An aptitude for math and science
-Logical and detail-oriented
-Work well as part of a team
-Problem-solving skills
-Good with your hands (You might have to deal with small parts)
-Able to keep up with the growing technology
-Good problem solving skills (Hardware faults)
-Organized (With the parts, plans, equipment) Job Description • develop software programs that perform specific tasks that others need
- develop larger computer systems, to fit the need
•Analyze project requirements and design software products or computer systems
•Test and debug software or systems
•Some specialize in systems analysis, sales, or research and design INTERESTING FACTS •Repairing defects in software is more expensive than coding and producing documentation •Over 50% of all software projects are one-man projects •On average military software is 25 times larger than end-user software, and the specifications and other documentation 200 times larger •Producing paper documents for software development is more expensive than producing software itself - Without software engineers the computer would be worthless as junk
-there are expected to be 324,000
NEW computer software engineers
through 2016. Work Cited

" " END THE !
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