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arctic trouble by Bijan khaghani

No description

Bijan Khaghani

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of arctic trouble by Bijan khaghani

By Bijan Khaghani arctic meltdown 2009 2010 2011 2012 The Gardian stated in 2009, lants and trees are growing more vigorously, snow cover is decreasing 1-2% a year and glaciers are shrinking. Returns.com said Climate change is transforming the Arctic environment faster than expected accelerating of sea ice, scientists said on Friday in giving their early from the biggest ever study on it. the economists said there will be no arctic ice by the time of 2020-2050 The guardian said by now most of the poler ice has melted welcome to the climate change show Today we will be talking about the Arctic and how climate change has effected it in between the years 2009-2012 Lets start at 2009
Carnegieendowment.org stated in 2009,The accelerating pace of climate change, increasing competition over resources, and new territorial claims demand that greater attention be paid to the Arctic. As the most immediate and serious threat to the region, minimizing the environmental impact of climate change and resource development must be the top priority, according to a report from the Carnegie Endowment, the University of the Arctic, and Dartmouth College. Now 2010 this gives me a clue that by the time we reach 2012 the amount of sea ice will decrease by a lot Now 2011 this shows me that by the time i'm fifty there wont be an arctic Last 2012 this shows me the 2011 prediction could be right that all the polar ice may melt by 2020 due to the amount of heat caused by global warming In conclusion I believe due to are care less actions we have destroyed the Arctic. This has been Bijan Khaghani with the news p.s i'm not a real news reporter oh and don't try finding the real reporter
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