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Obama by Sam Carpenter

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Obama by Sam Carpenter

Bob the Clown by Sam Carpenter
The Way out
Bob The Clowns powers
Bob the Clown's second power is taking people money he loves money. He already took over one hundred trillion dollars!
Taking money
Bob the Clown main power is making people sad you could be so happy then " poof" your sad
I made is symbol this because he makes a lot of people cry and he makes a lot of babies cry
Bob the Clown's symbol
Bob the Clown his the great great great great great grandfather of Zeus
Who is Bob the clown related too you say ?
Bob the Clown
My god is a negative he makes people sad and people stressed.
My god is .......
Modern Day
He would be very bad in modern day because he is very fat and he would eat all the children.
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