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Why Vampires Never Die

No description

Maria Vicencio

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Why Vampires Never Die

Guillermo Del Toro
Why Vampires Never Die
Thank you for your Attention.
Writer producer and director
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1964
Best known for his films
Pan's Labyrinth
Chuck Hogan
crime fiction and horror novelist
His books include:

The blood Artists
Prince of Thieves
the killing moon
The essay starts off with some background on vampires and how the original Vampire story got started. Then the essay talks about the different types of vampires and why we are attracted to the character.
History of Vampires
"John William Polidori sticthced together folklore personal resentment, and erotic anxieties into "The Vampyre" a story that is the basis for vampires as they are understood today. (361)"
A few friends gathered together and they started a small competition to see who could come up with the most terrifying tale.

This is where John William Polidori created "The Vampyre"
Briana McIver
George Washington
Maria Vicencio

Vampires are so popular today because their are two different types of vampires that can be used in a movie.
Romantic Hero
Undead Monster
The vampire is appealing to our society because......
"...the vampire represents the eternal in us (361)."
Vampires are immortal and stay young forever. People spend all their lives wishing to stay young, beautiful and to live forever.
“In the vampires we find *Eros and Thantos fused together in archetypal embrace, spiraling through the ages, undying. Forever (363) “
* Erotic love and death

...they have desirable characteristics.
When we think of monsters we think about scary, disfigured creatures, but when we think about vampires we imagine something different. We imagine the fictional character as a seductive figure.
"The vampire may originate from a suppressed memory we had as primates. (361)"
The article suggests that one of the reasons we like vampires is because "at some point we were - out of necessity- cannibalistic (361)."
"...in contrast to timeless creatures like the dragon, the vampire does not seek to obliterate us, but instead offers a peculiar brand of blood alchemy. (362)"
Many other monsters try to kill humans. The vampire is different. The vampire does not try to kill humans, instead they only want to transform humans into vampires.
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