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Ski Paradise 2013

No description

Raul Revuelta

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Ski Paradise 2013

Ski Paradise Cobranding Project
2010 Saas-Fee 4 Seasons was born
2013 Ski Paradise Website was born
Ski Paradise Marketing & Communication Consulting
Because Passion Drives Innovation and Success​​
Co-branding Proposal
2007 Ski Paradise Blog was born
Ski Paradise is ranked No. 19 on the Skiing top 50 in blogrank. The list tracks close to 20,000 blogs and evaluates them based on 20+ different factors such as (but not limited to):

• RSS membership
• Yahoo incoming links
• Yahoo indexed pages
• Google indexed pages
• Google PageRank
• Monthly visitors
• Pages per visit
• Link to page ratio
• Compete, Alexa, and Technorati ranking
• Social Sites popularity (Digg first page stories, Stumbleupon reviews, Delicious bookmarks, Redditt, Propeller and mixx)

Geschäfts-Bericht 2011/2012:

"In Spanien konnte die sehr gute Zusammenarbeit mit
Raul Revuelta und den vier grössten Sportartikelgeschäften
Spaniens fortgeführt bzw. intensiviert werden.

Auch in diesem Markt konnte ein Wachstum von 32%
verzeichnet werden".
We are passionate consultants focusing in ski resorts marketing

We help you with your marketing and communication needs.​

We research industry and competitive trends, analyze how they apply to your ski resort/destination,

and recommend the best marketing strategy to capitalize on these trends.

We help you to find your unique value proposition and message to your target market and groups,

draw attention and awaken feelings, create sympathy and measurably contribute to reaching the ski resort goals.

We help you to develop communications content.

We provide tailor-made solutions for ski resorts/destinations.


• Marketing & Communication strategy and general planning.

• Represent the Ski Resort/Destination.

• PR Management. Enhance reputation and strengthen media and community relations.

• Conduct Market Research.

• Identify and evaluate Market Opportunities.

• Strategies to penetrate niche markets.

• Communication Management.

• Editorial development (writing, concept and editing) for online or offline products.

• Social Media kick-off and Management.

• Promotion Management.

• Events & Sponsorships.

• Workshops and seminars.

Leaflet 2,000 Issues
La Razón is a daily newspaper based in Madrid, Spain.
It has the sixth-highest circulation among general-interest Spanish dailies, and the fourth-highest among those based in Madrid.
The newspaper has satellite news bureaux, and local editions, in Barcelona, Murcia, Seville, Valencia and Valladolid.
It is owned by Grupo Planeta

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