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Why "No Frills"?

No description

Katie Doherty

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Why "No Frills"?

Why "No Frills"?
Why did NPC pass the No Frills Resolution?
To re-focus recruitment on its purpose as a process for potential new members and members to get to know one another.
The de-escalation of recruitment costs, and elaborate event plans where applicable, were deemed important to the re-focusing of the recruitment process
What did NPC actually say?
From NPC Manual of Information:
1. “Follow NPC recommendations for release figure.”
2. “Eliminate all inside and outside decorations.”
3. “Confine all recruitment entertainment within the chapter house or other recruitment facility.”
4. “Evaluate all recruitment skits as to length and content.”
5. “Discourage the use of recruitment skits at the first round of parties.”
Continued ----->
What did NPC actually say?
6. “Discourage elaborate costuming and purchase of special recruitment outfits.”
7. “Eliminate all gifts, favors, preference letters or notes for potential new members until they have accepted bids.”
8. “Develop conversation skills.”
9. “Establish guidelines for recruitment budgets and set a cap on recruitment expenses, including the value of all donated goods and services in the cap figure.”
To control the expense and time involved in putting up elaborate decorations
To create a positive image of the fraternity/sorority system
To control recruitment costs and superficial event image
To emphasize that conversation between members and potential new members is a basic function of recruitment
To control the overall cost of recruitment
But wait... What is a "frill"?
Anything that cannot be tied back to the chapter's values or ritual
Acceptable: pins and badges, photos of events and sisterhood, chapter flowers, posters with information on chapter
Not acceptable: anything purely for decorative purposes (glitter ribbons, matching accessories, wall coverings)
The purpose of recruitment is for the potential new member and chapter to get to know each other well enough for both to make an important lifetime choice. Does your recruitment focus on this purpose?
The negative stereotypes of women’s fraternity life can be reinforced by a process that appears to center on superficialities and be directed to a narrow spectrum of the student population. Does your recruitment accurately portray the values and benefits of fraternity life? Does it have a broad appeal?
The cost of recruitment to all parties involved is a major concern — one that is heightened by the decline in recruitment numbers and the current economic climate. What can your Panhellenic do to make recruitment more cost-effective for Panhellenic, the chapters and the potential new members?
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