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Lexical Games

No description

Karla Colomera Peña

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Lexical Games

Lexical Games
all the words used by a particular person, or all the words that exist in a particular language or subject.

Reading helps to improve your vocabulary

Lexical games are those which help to students to think and analyze, students must create sentences or establish relations with pictures or words
- Lexical games can useful as “filler activity”; in other words, when the teachers have more time during the class
Karla Colomera
Paul Hemmelmann
Dominque Meynet

Taller de elaboracion de recursos 2015
So, What a Lexical Game is...
all the words of a language.
An example of lexis is what a dictionary tries to contain.

Lexis v/s Vocabulary

"The lexicon is one of the linguistic
aspects that has received less
attention through its long history"

(López-Mezquita, 2007)
Lexical games are used to improve your own vocabulary...

As learning vocabulary is associated
with being bored in class, games are
associated with having fun and doing
the activities that you like. So this is a
great way to aquire new words in a fun
and different way, and like that motivate
the students to learn
* Students can learn in a different
and fun manner.

* We may use different materials

* Lexical games are good strategies
to consolidate the learning
* Games are not appropiated for the

* If students are disruptive the activity
may not work.

*If the instructions are not clear, they
could get lost an the class could be
converted into a chaos
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