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What Needs Does Creatio Have?

ashley bales

on 26 June 2010

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Transcript of Creatio

Creatio is a new venture that seeks to unearth enable
and create Creatio has needs in these areas: Event Planning and Coordinating Marketing and Advertising Brand Desgin Promotions Public Speaking/Relations Social Networking Target Audience Since working with Creatio I have seen my passion and heart for the project grow I found that I have always been a dreamer and a visionary, much like yourselves And I could satisfy all the needs that Creatio has at this moment Here are a few things I have already accomlished for Creatio Posters: A rough logo: Three promotional videos Social Networking Sites: Twitter; fACEBOOK; mYSPACE Set up Gmail Account Searched through Washington High Schools for
Creatio's basic Target Audience Designed other logos
on the side: I am skilled in: Visual Communication Interpersonal Communication Audio Production Video Production Photoshop and Final Cut Media and Pop Culture Designing Ads Event Planning and Coordinating Social Media Networking Public Speaking I feel that: Creatio is an amazing, innovative, and creative project Creatio is going to reach and touch thousands of people Creatio has the potential to grow larger than you have imagined God has blessed this venture by repeatedly opening doors I have a passion for the ideology behind Creatio I'd love to be a part of the Creatio team in order to help cultivate and promote the project Thank you. I'd like to dedicate more time to the Creatio Project
when my schedule lightens.
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