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Introduction to Quadratic Functions

No description

ytri tonthat

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Quadratic Functions

Filling a Wine Decanter How does the level of liquid change over time? How far does the skydiver fall over time? A Quadratic Function How does the surface area change with x? Expanding a Square What is the trajectory of each firework? Watching the Sky What can we do with quadratic functions? Exploring Quadratic Functions Extreme Altitude Skydiving What shape are those satellite dishes? How does the lever system work? Leveling your Advantages What is the distance this backpacker travel over time? Making Fireworks Extreme Altitude Skydiving How fast does the skydiver fall over time? How does the level of liquid change over time? Filling a Glass of Water Walking Across the USA Exploring Linear Functions What can we do with linear functions? Building Railroads How does the Railroad Length change
over time?
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