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My family tree

english 1 inacap

Viviana Ruiz Pacheco

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of My family tree

MY FAMILY TREE Father Sister Grandmother Grandfather Mother Boyfriend This is my Grandmother
her name is Elsa
She is sixty years old
She is comprehensive and loving This is my father
His name is Roberto
He is fourty five years old
He is Worried and hardworking This is the wife of my dad
Her name is Claudia
She is thyirty seven years old
She is selfish and grumpy This is my sister
Her name is Vanessa
She is seven years old
She is sweet and intelligent This is my mother
Her name is Mariza
She is thyirty nine years old
She is carefree and irresponsible This is my boyfriends
His name is Arturo
He is twenty nine years old
He is funny and smiling This is my Grandfather
His name is Nelson
He is sixty eigth years old
He is correct and serius My name is Viviana
I am 22 years old
I am responsible and cheerful Grandmother The wife of my dad
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