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réunion JL + Abdoulaye

adolf abdallah

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of PresentationJL+abdoulaye

Evolutionnary algorithm do for each clock couple
clkx <-- Producer clock
clky <-- Consumer clock
Evaluate (clkx, clky)
clkx+1 = Copy (clkx)
Transform (clkx)
Evaluate (clkx, clky)
If clkx+1 is better than clkx than clkx = clkx+1
while termination condition not met

Application Architecture Thesis work in progress Contribution to the Gaspard2 project

Integration into Gaspard2 framework

Remaining work
Monotasking scheduling Model transformation Ideal clock frequency = LCM (F1... Fn) Binary notation describing data dependency Another binary notation for data dependency specification Elementary component Compound Component Multitasking on a single processor : Time sharing Association In case of a logical clock with a large sequence of 0, processors idle!

Data dependency respected if equal patterns !

Parametrizing the number of instructions in a task

Validation of clock constraints in Ocaml (N-Synchronous kahn networks) Clock evaluation?

Fixing the first clock?

Giving a note for each pairwize clocks?

What about the Transform() function? Model transformation What about parallel execution?? one processor two processors eight processors eight processors Elementary Elementary Compound Processors frequency Allocation Model transformation Elementarye Elementary Elementary Adolf Abdallah
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