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The City of Savannah

No description

Blair Williams

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of The City of Savannah

The City of Savannah

After landing, the colonists set up four large tents for shelter. Then they began getting the land ready for planting and preparing timber to build homes.

Oglethorpe had limited power, but he was accepted as the leader of the colony. He got grants of land and made agreements with the Native Americans. He also trained a militia to defend the settlement, and built a fort on the bank of the river. He also worked with Colonel Bull and surveyor Noble Jones to design the future city.
4 Squares
The plan was for the city to have 4 squares. On the north and south sides of each square were 20 lots. On the east and west sides, 4 larger lots were set aside for such buildings as churches or stores. The center of each square was for social, political, and religious gatherings.
Job of the Settlers
Each settler was expected to care for his house in Savannah, his 5-acre garden plot on the edge of town, and his 45 farm acres in the country. During the first months, the colonists cultivated mulberry trees to feed silkworms. They built a sundial, a gristmill, a courthouse, a water well, and a bakery.
Medical issues
Work was done in spite of growing medical problems, probably caused by a lack of vegetables, changes in the climate, poor sanitation, and hard physical labor. 40 settlers died in the first year!
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