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Xerox Corporation

No description

lacendra knightnor

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation

The Xerox Corporation started in 1906 as the Haloid Photographic Company originally producing photography equipment and accessories. The company when Chester Carlson invented xerography in 1938. In 1942 Chester Carlson patents electrophotography later called xerography. The Haloid Company changes its name in 1957 to reveal the new direction of the company xerography. The company hit it big in 1959 when Chester Carlson and John T. Dessauer created the Xerox 914. Which was the first plain paper photocopier to use xerography and changes the industry.
Early Company History
Influential Leaders:
After finishing college, he went into the family business and he worked for his father at the Haloid Company.
He went in search of Chester Carlson who had started working xerography.
Founding father of the Haloid company.
Joesph C. Wilson:
He became interested creating a way to copy documents so that he did not have to write them all by hand over and over.
He was contacted by John T. Dessauer about his work in electrophotography and began the path to creating xerography.
He is also often credited as a founding father.
Chester Carlson:
In 1990.
In 1999
In 2000
In 2009
Ursula Burns is the first African-American woman that is a chief executive officer of a fortune 500 company.
In 2009
Ursula Burns:
A founding members of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1970.
Helped create laser printing, WYSIWYG text editor, Ethernet, and the first local area network (LAN).
He currently works for Microsoft and is an adjunct professor at the Michigan Institute of Technology.
Butler Lampson:
Modern History
In 1990s Xerox started to provide companies with supplying, maintenance, configuration, and user support with all of their products. In 2000 Xerox purchased Tektronic a color printing and imaging business for nine hundred and twenty five million. This allowed them to release their Phaser line of products and solid ink printing.

Products & Services
All in one advances multifunction printer/scanner/copier
Office Printers
Productivity and remarkable print
Production Digital Printing Equipment
High speed and volume digital printers for commercial printing and graphic communications.

Office multifunction printers/ copiers
Free templates for flyers
Business cards
Production Workflow Solutions

-Free flow software
Digital front ends
Variable data
Business modeling

Financial Services- saves companies money and complies with legal and regulatory requirements.
Government- increases revenue, efficiency, control coast, and fraud.
Healthcare- make data accessible, streamline processes, meet regulatory mandates and control costs.
Insurance- analyzes data to gain a competitive advantage, retain customers, sustain profitability and reduce risk.
Retail and Consumer goods- putting customers first to gain a competitive advantage and foster loyalty.

Core Values
"One thing that never changes is our core values.
We succeed through satisfied customers.
We deliver quality and excellence in all we do.
We require premium return on assets.
We use technology to develop market leadership.
We value our employees.
We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen. -

Service over 160 countries
Over 140,000 employees
100,000 serving customers
3,300 sales professionals
9,000 technical service
Xerox Today

•Reduce energy use to protect our climate

•Preserve biodiversity and the world’s forests

•Preserve clean air and water

•Prevent and manage waste

•Ensure safety

Five Key Areas

Struggles to regenerate revenue
Some of the main goals of many companies such as Keiger Printing, Stevens Printing, Laser Tryk●dk, Associates International Inc. are to expanding one's own business, producing more employment opportunities, reduce production cost, and increase customer satisfaction. Each one of these companies say that Xerox enable them to become more efficient .[1]

Not Just a Printing Company
Was sued for fraud
Lacendra Knightnor
Virgilio Quinones
Aaron Sadoff
Keshauna Skinner

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