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Snacking & Reading Nutrition Labels

No description

Kim Graybill

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Snacking & Reading Nutrition Labels

READING YOUR SNACK LABELS CHOOSING HEALTHY SNACKS How many of the following snacks can you identify? How did you do? If you
knew more candy bars than fruits
or veggies...be careful! It's important
to consume more fruits and veggies than
empty calorie foods according to MyPlate.

Snacking is important because it provides
nutrients and keeps our energy levels up
but we need to make sure we are limiting
the high fat and high sugar foods as they
can lead to weight gain, serious
medical conditions and decreased
energy levels. We can determine if a
snack is healthy or not by
reading the food label. Let's apply what
we've learned... Tips for Healthy Snacking Acronym S--Smaller Portions N--Not in front of the TV A--Am I Really Hungry? C--Choose lowfat foods from MyPlate K--Kitchen is a good place to eat S--Sit Down, Slow Down,
Savor and Enjoy! http://www.pdesas.org/module/content/resources/5389/view.ashx
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