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Mercedes-Benz CPH

No description

Kate Hoegh-Rasmussen

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Mercedes-Benz CPH

#MB CPH Future Vision
PC Sales
How do we get there?
Where do we start today & tomorrow?
On-line configuration (VR)
On-line shopping - all channels
On-line booking of meetings, test drives, deliveries etc.
Talent Factory
Best education program in the Danish Car industry
Flat low cost organization - specialization
Full mobility program @ key locations i CPH Area incl. AS
Sales staff, greeters, product experts, handout boys, finance experts
Business Intelligense
Fully automated BI for all KPI
VR of all models and configurations
Full digital customer registration & CRM
Gallery location
De-central handout & Home delivery

Mercedes-Benz CPH
Full online visibility of Fleet program
On-line configurator
Mercedes Me
New Digital Officer
Are we there yet?
NO - but we are moving in the right direction and looking ahead
Talent Factory
Replacing managers with young talents
Caroline = low cost, attractive development, great potential

Hire young talent from other industries or back ground
Camilla = low cost, attractive development, different value set, great potential
Marcus = low cost, different skills = potential product expert/ hand out team leader
Susanne = great attitude, different reference point, attractive development

Empower existing talent
Fleet Team with direct report = Low cost, attractive development, great potential
MB Season?
MB4 internal?
The leading supplier of luxurious Mobility in CPH Area, who meets customer demands regarding low cost, convenience, connectivity, sharing, autonomous, electrified, advise and professionalism

The most attractive workplace in our industry in CPH Area
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