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The Maze Runner

No description

Cassie Ackerman

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

Intro: The Maze Runner starts when Thomas wakes up in a pitch black elevator, remembering nothing but his own name. Thomas emerges into a "Glade" full of teenage boys that call themselves the "Glader's".
The Maze Runner
Rising Action: The rising action in The Maze Runner would be when out of no where the first girl that the Glade had ever seen, rises up out of the dark box just as the rest of the Glader's had.
Climax: The climax of the story is when after what seemed like forever of trying to find a way out of the maze, the Glader's finally do it and decide to fight their way out.
Falling Action: The falling action of The Maze Runner is when the Glader's fight they're way through all of the Griever's to the only exit out of the maze which is the Griever hole. After the remaining Glader's escaped through the Griever hole and enter the code to shut down the Grievers they end up going through a long tunnel leading to an unknown destination.
Denouement: The denouement or resolution of The Maze Runner is when the Glader's escape the maze and are rescued by unknown people who claim to be on their side.
The Maze Runner takes place in a tiny, futuristic dystopian society that is made up of a group of dozens of teenage boys and one single solitary girl. These boys live in a small village who's boundaries are lined by towering walls and beyond the walls, a never ending maze in every direction. The Maze Runner is a science fiction book.
Main Character's: Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Chuck, Newt and Gally.

Thomas: Thomas is a main character in The Maze Runner. Thomas is a dynamic character as well as a round character. Thomas is a dynamic character because he undergoes a change during the story, Thomas starts out as the new kid or "greenie" and ends up being the leader and the one that the rest of the Glader's looked up to. Thomas is a round character because he is the character that you're left wanting to know more about and see how he ends up. Thomas is also the protagonist of the story.
Minho: Minho is a main character from The Maze Runner, He is a static character. Minho is the keeper of the runners. Without Minho it would have been nearly impossible to make it out of the maze.
Chuck: Chuck is a main character from the story. Chuck is a dynamic character because he starts out the story as a shy, unconfident, cowardly young boy and ends it as a brave, courageous friend who loses his own life trying to save his friends.
Newt: Newt is one of the main characters from The Maze Runner. Newt is one of the boys that has been there the longest, he is the second in command and someone that the rest of the Glader's look up to. Newt is a flat character.
Gally: Gally is one of the main characters from the story. Gally is the moody bully of the group and from the start he dislike's Thomas. Gally goes through "the changing" and says that he remembers things about Thomas from before the Glade. Gally is a symbol to show the reader how horrible the world is outside of the Glade, this is shown to us when instead of escaping with the rest of the Glader's, Gally sacrifices himself to a griever so that he doesn't have to go back to the outside world. Gally is a dynamic character.
Identity: Identity is a theme of The Maze Runner because all of the Glader's have had their memories taken from them along with their sense of identities. When the characters arrive they almost have to form a new identity and find their place within the Glade community. All of the characters struggle throughout the story to figure out who they really are.
Exploration: Exploration is a theme of The Maze Runner because the character's in the Maze Runner spend the majority of their time exploring the maze and trying to find a way out. Their explorations are diligently mapped. Although it is life threatening "the Runners" spend every hour of daylight in the maze trying to find a way back to their old lives.
Literary Techniques:
Point of view: The Maze Runner is told from a third person or narrator point of view.

Literary Techniques:
Suspense: Suspense is used in The Maze Runner when Thomas, Alby and Minho are stuck in the maze over night and you have no idea whether they are going to survive or not.
Literary Techniques:
Foreshadowing: An example of foreshadowing that is used in The Maze Runner is when Teresa shows up in the box and seems to be dead but is actually unsconious and briefly wakes up only to deliver the short message of "everything is going to change" before passing out again. I believe that this event is foreshadowing future events.
Literary Techniques:
Dilemma: An example of a dilemma from The Maze Runner is when out of no where for the first time ever the maze walls don't close at night and the Glader's are stuck with no protection from the griever's.
The Maze Runner
Teresa: Teresa is one of the main characters, she is a static character, she doesn't change or develop throughout the story. Teresa comes into the story with a message for Thomas, without her and the message that she delivered to Thomas all the of the Glader's would still be trapped in the maze.
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