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No description

Tran Hien

on 24 December 2015

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Step 1 : Login
From the home page, click on
Join Now, It's Free
. When you click on the phrase, you will be taken to a page to create a screen name and password.
Step 2 : Create a new capzles
Click on
and choose
New capzles
Step 3 : Add Title & Description
Add your title (the name of your technology project and your period) and a one sentence description of your Capzle. You can change the font and color using the boxes. Click on the blue arrow to close the box when done.
Step 4 : Tags & Categories
It helps others to find your Capzles easily. Capzles has a ready-made list for you to choose from. Click and choose the best tags to describe your Capzle.
Step 5 : Add Content
You have three choices in this step.

Capzles is a social networking site that allows you to share “moments” using pictures, video clips, audio tracks and text in a timeline format.
5.1 Upload directly onto my timeline: Click on this option if you want each of your photos, videos, etc. to appear as
one moment on your timeline.
- Click on
Add files
to choose your photos....
- When you have selected all the files you would like to upload, click on
Start Upload
5.2 Upload into a "stack" on my timeline: Click on this option if you have multiple files that you would like to upload as a "stack" in order to create one moment (i.e., they all pertain to one specific date). The photos will appear like a box. Another things with 5.1 is you must fill the "Date" blank.
5.3 Blog directly onto my timeline: Click on this option if you would like to add some text to your capzle.
- Write the text in the frame.
- Click
when you finish
Step 6 : Design Your Capzle
You can choose your Theme from the choices in the large white box or design it by yourself.
Step 7 : Add Background Music
- Click on
Upload Music
. On the menu that appears, click on
Add files
. Navigate to your flash drive and find the music file. Click on
Step 8 : Capzles privacy
You have three choice:
Everyone ( Publish)
which means your capzle is public and can be seen by everyone.
Friends Only
which means only your friends may see
your capzle.
Nobody ( Private )
which means it is private.
Step 9: Share Your Capzle
If you would like to announce to your friends that you have created a capzle, click on
Share Your Capzle
and copy
and paste the link to your e-mail.
Step 10 : Finishing
Click on
I’m finished
to view your finished Capzle.
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