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Bluetooth controller ^_^

Bluetooth controller

Eng Neveen

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Bluetooth controller ^_^

(Motor Driver)

practical circuit
2.Get the bluetooth module (hc-05) isn't available in Palestine, we bought it from Jordan,and because of this we have a delay time.
1.It was possible to replace Arduino-Uno & hc-05 with Arduino-Yun but it is

Why we use Android ?
Arduino is a small computer,it can controlls in the surrounding medium more better than usually one.

Simple, cheap, self installation, open source(hard ware and software), multi platforms, easy software environment.

*Function in our project:
It's a link between hc-05 and H-bridge.
It's recieves the data from hc-05 and process it
,then send it to the H-bridge.

Bluetooth module
Technical peice which used for communication in the range of radio wave,it used to transmit the data over short distances ,so it consumes small amount of energy.

Simple, easy to use , low price.

*Function in our project:
it recieves the signal from smart-phone and send it to the Arduino .
It's an integreated circuit which used to drive two electrical motor,which carry up 2A per motor.

Available, easy to control,simple,cheap and it is bear up to 36 volt.

*Function in our project:
It's used to control or to determine the direction and speed of the DC motor Application.

*Function in our project:
It's used to send data to bluetooth module(hc-05).
DC Motor
It's a device that converts the electrical energy into kientic energy to accomplish the suitable works,where are feeding the files field with suitable current to generate magnatic field for controlling speed and direction.

It's available,simple,cheap and it's bear cuurent up to 2A per one.

*Function in out project:
It's used to convert the electrical energy to a kientic energy,that is used to appear the changes of direction and speed at the output side.
It's meaning that is very easy to develop and implement changes to Applications.

In our life we use mobile bluetooth to transmit or recieve photos , songs...ect
As an engineers we proposed to use this technique in practical application,because it's easy to deal with,available in our hands,small size and android device.
The goal of our project is to design a controller that would be able to run dc motor wirelessly using bluetooth technology.
Controlling a dc motor means control the status of the motor:on,off change the speed and direction of it.
3.In industrial application the
range of bluetooth is 100m,but in our project the range decraese to 15 meter since smart-phone doesn't transmit until to 15m.
4.We faced difficulties in design user interface on smart-phone.
Android has the benefit of having googl's platform like google's, search engines so it becomes a dynamic experience to have Android operating system.
Electric Winch
Electric winch is often used in construction sites operate quikly,easily,
save time and effort.
Through our project we can control work towards lifting or dropping it in order to speed up the process.
House door
Controlling of the house door through smartphone open or close it .
we can control the production line( turn on and stop,and working speed).
Through our project we can control it easily through smartphone which minimize the risk.
Palestine Technical University - Khadoori

Communication & Electrical Engineering Department

Bluetooth Controller

BY: Sara Sabbah
Adnan Atwa
Neveen Masarwe
Saleem Abbas
Ahmad Mohammed

Supervisor: AP.Samer Al-sadi

User Interface
1-In order to control DC motor we need a special interface that can everyone use it.

2-we use android language to built a simple user interface which it is easy to handle it.
*It is a program that allows the user to control the motor, the operation of this program is to send the new value of the motor speed and the direction of rotation which means to send the duty cycle value.
Once the application has been developed the application maker has the freedom to distribute the application openly on the internet

Duty cycle of PWM
H-bridge circuit
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