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Fashion Magazine

No description

Dhwani purplee

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Fashion Magazine

Fashion Magazine
Table of Contents
- About H&M
- Mission Statement
- Our product
- Why we chose it?
- How will it benefit the customers?
Our magazines will also be sold at the most affordable price for our customers.
About H&M
Our Product
Why we chose it?
Stands for Hennes &Mauritz AB
A Swedish multinational retail clothing company
Famous for selling clothes for men, women, teenagers, and children
"H&M's purpose is to offer their customers fashion and quality at the best price. H&M states numerous of times that quality is more than making sure that products meet or exceed their customers expectations. H&M is constantly working to better their products by manufacturing under good working conditions, and with limited impact on the environment. H&M takes responsibility for how their operations affect people and the environment which is key for their profit and growth."
Selling Fashion Magazines to keep customers updated with the upcoming H&M products
H&M-> all about FASHION! Our magazines will be promoting that (H&M products, latest trends...)
A medium for H&M to promote their products
Earn more profits lead to creating more jobs
Updating customers with latest fashion trends
Tips for being fashionable and trendy

Satisfies all the age groups through selling magazines based on the various genders
Attracts customers
How will it benefit the customers?
Customers will know what's upcoming for the season
Magazines will be easily accessible in all H&M and grocery stores
Customers will get tips on how to mix n match to create an outfit including all H&M products (from accsssories to clothes to footwears) at very cheap and reasonable prices.
Market Research
Conducted a survey ( Primary Research)
96 responses in total
All age groups-> eliminating bias
Helped solve marketing problems that H&M could possibly face
Market Research
Determining Demand
-> Question: 'H&M is introducing to sell its own fashion magazines! Would you be interested in buying them?'
There is demand for our product!
Mission Statement
Market Research
Popular Content Preferences on Demand
Following are the top 3 choices:
Upcoming H&M products
Tips to stay trendy and fashionable
Classifications based on age groups
Provide more stock of these!
- Market Research
Market Research
Determining the best price for customers
Personal Experience: Average price of a magazine->

Survey result-> Maximum people say: '$40-60'
Final price set = $60
The Problems
- Language
- Culture
- Values and Beliefs
Seasonal Problems
How we will combat it?
Eliminating Ethnocentrism:
- Publish and sell the magazines in different languages
- All cultural values are equally important
Magazines will be based on various seasons in different countries-> slight variations in designs, sizes, choices
How will we make it global?
Use of Transnational Strategy
Online marketing and selling of the magazines
Selling the magazine in every H&M branch plant
The Product:
Hindi Version (Indian)
By Anjali and Dhwani
Corporate Globalization Part 2
Mr. Szychta

French Version
4 P's of Marketing
-The Problems
-How will we combat it?
1. Product
-How will we make it global?
- Types and Classifications:
-> Adults (Men, Women), Kids, Teenagers
-The Final Product
-4 P's of Marketing
-2 C's of Marketing
- Content:
-> Tips to stay trendy and fashionable
-> Upcoming H&M products
-> Seasonal Additions
-> Top Trendy Outfits at the cheapest price
-> Current Fashion Gossips and News
-> Celebrities that wear H&M products
-> Ways H&M is socially responsible (CSR)
2. Place
- Decentralized Strategy
-> Manufacturing plants in several countries, not just one!
-> H&M doesn't own any factories
-> Has 900 independent suppliers instead
(mainly in Europe and Asia)
-> Others are from Bulgaria, Italy, China and
many more...
-> These suppliers will help in manufacturing
the magazines into all the H&M branch plants
3. Price
- Final Price: $60
-> Reasonable and affordable for the common masses
- To generate profit:
-> labour and production cost must be taken into account
-> Selling price will be set
higher than the production cost
Brand Equity-> H&M is popular throughout the world, thus the magazines will be a success
4. Promotion
- Provide an offer in the beginning (first few months)
-> Buy 1 magazine get one free!
- Commercials through televisions and banners
2 C's of Marketing
1. Consumers
- Target Market
-> People of all ages
-> No age restrictions (from kids to
-> People of all cultures and religions (based on H&M store locations)
2. Competition
- Existing Branded Magazines:
In Style
- How H&M is different?
-> promotes specific brand (H&M)
-> other magazines don't emphasize, state or
promote a particular brand
-> Causes consumers to be in a dillema on as to
where they can purchase a particular product of their interest
-> Published for different age groups
(For ex: Vogue is only for women)
- Work Citation
Work Citation
- "Our Vision." Our Vision. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2014. <http://about.hm.com/en/About/sustainability/hm-conscious/sustainability-vision.html>.
- "H&M (Hennes & Mauritz)." : Chapter 1: Mission Statement and Brief History. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2014. <http://bharvey95.blogspot.hk/2013/09/chapter-1-mission-statement-and-brief.html>.
- "H&M." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 12 May 2014. Web. 05 Dec. 2014. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%26M>.
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