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From Beef to Reef

AIMA/ASHA 2012 Presentation

Danielle Wilkinson

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of From Beef to Reef

The Maritime Cultural Landscape of
Robb's Jetty, Fremantle FROM BEEF TO REEF Robb's Jetty
and Abattoir Wyola Maritime Cultural Landscapes Key Question 2 Key Features How has the MCL of Robb's Jetty changed in terms of land use, personal interaction and physical alteration? You are here C. Y. O'Connor
Reserve Robb's Jetty 'Horse and
Rider' Statue Wyola UNID Barge Background Owen's Anchorage
Harbour works
Robb's Jetty
Abattoirs 'Robb's Jetty Abattoir'
Demolition Past Perceptions Background Predominantly industrial
Cowboys Contemporary Perceptions Recreational
Few know history Arrival
Secret tow WWII
Scrapping Past Perceptions Opinions
Working boat
Part of the harbour Unites physical environment with cultural perceptions
Continuous through space and time Sharks and fishing
Employment detour... "Coming from the south west we had this smell of
boiling fat at night, and then, if the wind was in
the north west, we knew what biscuits
were on at Mills and Wares... We
looked forward to the north west
wind more than we did for
the south west wind" "...transform the Cockburn Coast from an area once populated with industry to a world class residential and recreational precinct." "Story of the tugboat Wyola in Fremantle Harbour is one of constant hard work, by day and night, in all weathers" "The tug Wyola is one of the craft in Fremantle Harbour which is familiar to the complements of overseas and interstate vessels" Contemporary Perceptions Aesthetic
Landmark "Scrap metal"
"A rusty piece of junk" Conclusion Acknowledgements Thank you! Historical records
Ethnographic sources
Land use
Physical remains
Oral history Sources Source: Western Australian Museum Source: Google Earth Source: State Records Office, WA Source: Western Australian Museum Source: Western Australian Museum Source: The Daily News, April 20, 1956 Source: Fremantle Herald, February 4, 2012 Public interpretation Robb's Jetty: Industrial > Recreational
Wyola: Iconic vessel > Aesthetic 'scrap' WAM
Pat Baker
Mack McCarthy
Maddy McAllister Field work helpers x2
Jen McKinnon
Mark Polzer Wendy van Duivenvoorde Bob Sheppard
Darren Cooper
Kevin Edwards
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