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Question 7

No description

Claire Bennett

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Question 7

Evaluation Question 7 "Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Althogeth I think that my full product has an over all more professional look to it. I selected the background and de saturated it, however a bit of green leaf is left above the mast head, however after doing photoshop skills development and I could rectify that by selecting the model and thus inversing the selection making the entire back ground back and white. The mast heads shows that my knowledge of magazine has improved considerably. On my prelim the mast head is simple and even the name has not been thought out thoroughly. In comparison on my final piece is the name links to the music industry. My prelim task is simple, with fewer simpler sell line, the writing is not quite straight and this is highlighted especially above the models head. The lighting in my prelim is natural light as i took the photograph in the park, thus the right side of the models face is lit up and the left side is in shadow. Whereas in my final task I look the photograph in the studio, hence I got a better quality of image and to balance the light. When creating my prelim I failed to write a price or issue number on my product making it harder for the consumer to know its price or if they have previously bought the issue in question. I have used a banner in each, I think that the banner on my final product shows that doing the initial texture analysis and listening to my target audience has been beneficial and has had the result of a more professional. My Prelim task on the whole is less thought out and hence has more white space than my final product My prelim task has more pictures which are well layed out and giving the magazine more stucture My Prelim has the magazine cover in the the top left cormer, this creates more white space but directs the reader to the right page easily, After asking a sample of teenagers which they prefer they said my final product as "althought the first has the front cover and makes it easy to navigate it's band, the other one catches the eye The backgrounds are both white but the space is filled better on my final product, proving that my initial reasearch and texture analysis has increased my knowleged of the way magazines are laid out and the conventions with in the industry
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