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13 Year Old Boy Helps Raise $1 Million For His School

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Madeleine Student

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of 13 Year Old Boy Helps Raise $1 Million For His School

- Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York
- A rough crime plagued neighborhood
- A school called Mott Hall Bridges Academy
- Vidal Chastanet 13 years old, student at the school Mott Hall Bridges Academy
- Photographer, Brandon Stanton, creator of "Humans of New York" a photo series website
- Ms.Lopez, principal at Mott Hall Bridges Academy
13 Year Old Boy Helps Raise $1 Million For His School
- From January 19th to February 2nd
- Two weeks
- In those two weeks they raised over $1 million
- They are raising money to . . .
- Send each student on a visit to Harvard, a top university near Boston
- Start a summer school

- Vidal, Ms.Lopez, and Stanton raised $1 million for their school
- Stanton met Vidal on the street one day and took a picture for his website
-He also asked Vidal who had influenced
him the most in his life
- He said his principal Ms.Lopez
- Vidal then began to tell about how Ms.Lopez had taught him that he mattered and that he deserved to
- Brandon Stanton posted pictures
- He posted an article
- And he asked for donations for their school
- They raised $1 million for their school by. . .
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