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Pre-tour/ on tour 10/26

No description

brooke ghiglia

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of Pre-tour/ on tour 10/26

Getting Your Tour Off the Ground
My Story
Second Meeting: 9+ months before trip
3rd Meeting approx. 30-45 days prior to trip
Flight and hotel itinerary
Passport reminder! *Bring copy of passport to next mtg!
Making the most of your trip
Determine transportation to/from Airport and establish mtg. time
Review packing info.
Review money info.
Review Rules of the road
Distribute medical release forms, conduct agreement forms *bring signed forms back at next mtg.
Build Enthusiasm
remind students what they will see - video clip of trip
show photos of trips
showcase a well known place students will be visiting and give them "behind the scenes" info
include one sheet of common words and phrases in the languages of the countries you will be visiting
Best in Business - 50 years of experience
Global Presence - On the ground presence in over 50 countries
Commitment to Educational Excellence - Every tour is designed to provide students with the best possible educational experience
Benefits of consolidated travel

There is no substitute for seeing and experiencing, first hand, places of historical import.

Students learn to successfully navigate unfamiliar situations in a safe educational environment.

Builds self confidence

Makes for better citizens: Travelers develop an appreciation for other cultures and are better able to appreciate the benefits of their own culture.

There is no better time to travel abroad

Leaves a life long impact
spending money - $40-$60 per day
gratuities - $10 per person per day will be collected at final meeting
bring more money than you expect
debit card/prepaid visa cards - avoid ATM fees: take out what you will need for the time in that location
arrive with at least $50 in local currency
Setting Expectations - Handouts should include:
Basic itinerary
Passport reminder/ check names on EF registration
Flight expectations/Meals on tour
European hotels
Life together
Rules of the road/consequences
Gratuities/spending money
Optionals and excursions
Program price: $4,230
Early enrollment discount: -$200
Greek Evening: $ 70
All inclusive Insurance: $155

Total: (student price) $4255

Fund-raising options: 2 year plan
Parking lot $ 1,600.00
Yard Sale $ 2,000.00
Krispy Kreme $ 2,000.00
Sport events $ 1,250.00
Orchard work $ 5,000.00
T-shirt sponsors $ 2,000.00
Hot lunch/ S.S. $14,000.00
Summer concerts$60,000.00

Total $87,850.00

Travel Changes Everything!
13 Days Athens and The Islands
Day 1: Fly overnight to Greece
Day 2: Athens - Plaka District, Temple of Zeus
Day 3: Athens -Guided tour: Acropolis, Parthenon, Museum, free evening
Day 4: Travel to Delphi; Temple of Apollo
Day 5: Island Cruise! Island of Mykonos
Day 6: Turkey - Kusadasi, Library of Ephesus, Patmos
Day 7: The Island of Rhodes
Day 8: Crete and Santorini
Day 9: Athens - Cape Sounion, Temple of Poseidon,Greek evening
Day 10: Epidaurus, Mycenae, Argolida
Day 11: Olympia
Day 12: Olympia, Athens
Day 13: Fly home

Departure Meeting (2 weeks before trip)
PASSPORT Reminder - don't forget at home!
Detailed flight and hotel itineraries with dates at each hotel
Collect the following:
1. Gratuities
2. Emergency information cards
3. Copies of passports
4. Signed Conduct Agreement forms
Include info about time differences and weather forecasts
Money review
Packing review

transportation to airport
Hotel cards - distribute at airport

Go to:
tour number: 1438248JN
On Tour Helps:
Airport/ Airplane Navigation:
Checking in
Prepare students for security checks
Getting on/off the plane
Airplane Protocols
Declarations forms
Keeping track of students/chaperone help, i.e."No Child Left Behind"
passport management/ copies
More on Tour Helps:
Counting students!
Arrival at hotel
Keeping everyone moving the first day
Room checks
Have a plan in place for what if....
Meet as a group each night before turning in ask: "What was the most interesting/surprising thing you learned today?"
Connect with each student personally every day
Checking rooms well before leaving a hotel
On tour positive outlook makes your tour great!
Making your last night a special one
Optional Excursions:
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