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Romeo and Juliet Movie Pitch Project

No description

Kayla Santos

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Movie Pitch Project

William Shakespeare's play,
Romeo and Juilet
, will be turned into a animated movie about two video games. This all takes place in the Chorus' computer program called Verona Arcade.com. The characters come to life when the Chorus shuts down the computer. This movie will depict the original context of the play but will have some changes. More information will be given later in the presentation.
Animated video game movie
Takes place in the Chorus' computer
Takes place on Verona Arcade.com
Montagames vs. Capulet Couture
Romeo is a part of a gun game called the Montagames
Juliet is a part of a fashion designing game called Capulet Couture
Fights will take place in the the core of the gaming program where the viruses can be added to the computer.
Virus called sword where other characters can hack into the computer system to delete any character
Virus called vial that deletes a character but isn't permanent.
Live in game logo instead of houses
Capulet feast turns into a fashion show where all of the different game characters are invited except the Montagames after the computer is shut down.
Love at first sight: Juliet is walking on the runway and she falls and Romeo catches her.
Balcony scene will be changed into a corner scene where romeo is trying to find Juliet outside her gaming logo and since the icons are squares he hears her around the corner.
Mercutio's Queen Mab speech turns to a video game reference
Romeo is banished after killing Tybalt with the sword virus and is banished to Mantuan Land- which is a building game
Romeo and Juliet kill themselves by killing each other with the sword virus.
In the end, instead of making statues both games promise to put the faces of Romeo and Juliet as their game logo picture.
Voice of Romeo: Zac Effron
By Kayla Santos
Romeo and Juliet Movie Pitch Project
Voice of Montague: John Ritter
Voice of Juliet : Amanda Seyfried
Voice of Friar Lawrence: Morgan Freeman
Voice of Mercutio: Nick Cannon
Voice of the Nurse: Tina Fey
Voice of Tybalt:
Chris Evans
Voice of Capulet: Ray Romano
Voice of Lady Capulet:
Goldie Hawn
Voice of Lady Montague: Meryl Streep
Voice of Paris:
Ryan Gosling
Voice of Benvolio:
Shea LaBouf
Voice of Prince: Samuel L. Jackson
Voice of Balthasar:
Corbin Bleu
Voices of Sampson and Gregory: Adam Sandler and Kevin James
Voice of Abraham:
Forest Whitaker
Voice of the Apothecary :
Jonah Hill
Voice of Peter:
Jack Mcbrayer
Voices of the Chorus:
John C. Reilly and Jane Lynch

Character Changes
Mercutio is in the violent game with Romeo but is still related to the Prince.
Prince and Paris are related because of a gaming network called CousinGaming.
Tybalt becomes the King of Hacks because he knows all the hacks in order to delete any character
Friar Lawrence is still a priest. He is in a wedding game in between the Montagames and Capulet Couture.
There is no Friar John because the characters use the email program in the computer. So the message to Romeo doesn't get to him because the email failed to send.
Voices of the musicians: The Jonas Brothers
Voices of the Servingmen: Angela Lansbury, Jerry Orbach and David Ogden Stiers
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