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My apartment in Dubai

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of My apartment in Dubai

All About Things In Dubai
My apartment in Dubai
My apartment is a beautiful apartment. I can see the sea near my apartment. I have three televisions. In three bedroom.
My School In Dubai
My schools name is New Indian School. My school in Dubai is a strict school. In my there is so many teachers. My school is a big
School. It has two floors my school has college near it there are seventeen bus and sixteen Public Cars. My school is a big school.
My Ideal in Dubai
My ideal is to be an engineer. I like to be an engineer because it is fun to build buildings. If I become an engineer I will got so many money. I want to be an engineer.
All About The Tallest Building In The World
The tallest buildings name is Burjukalifa. It have one hundred twenty six floors. Iwent inside the building when i was studying in second grade. It was fun to go upside of the building. It is a beatiful and tallest building in the world
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