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Media Studies Scheme of Work

What you do in AS and A2

Georgina Black

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Media Studies Scheme of Work

What you are going to do in A Level Media Studies...
Firstly you need to know we study
It's the biggest provider of Media Studies and the hardest course of all the exam boards, because it asks you to cover a wide range of different aspects of the media.
Exam (50% of AS)
Coursework (50% of AS)
In the exam you have to answer two questions:

Section A
You have a 5 minute clip from a TV drama and you have to analyse it for representation

Section B
An essay on 'Institutional Practices' - a study of the British film industry.
Over the year (well before Easter really) you will produce 2 short films:

Preliminary exercise.
The first two minutes of a new fiction feature film.

You will also have to submit all your planning and an evaluation of what you did to make a complete folder.
Exam (50% of A2)
You will have to answer two questions:

Section A
This asks you to look at your work over the two years and analyse it according to a specific area of study (e.g. audience)

Section B
You are answering on Postmodern Media.
Coursework (50% of A2)

A pop video (music promo)
2 ancillary texts - a 'digipak' cover and an advert to appear in a music magazine.

As before you will have to submit all your planning and a detailed evaluation.
The question for this extract asks you to look at how ability/disability is presented... what do you think?
This is an A* grade piece of work from this school...
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