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A Birthday Gift for My School

No description

Jia Lee

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of A Birthday Gift for My School

A Birthday Gift for My School
We are able to...
1. 비교적 긴 대화를 듣고
할 수 있다.

2. 약속 장소와 시각을 정하는 표현을
할 수 있다.
textbook p. 83
Look forward to +
~을 기대하다
m looking forward to
the camping trip.
B: My school is having a yard sale tomorrow. Can you come, Mom?

W: Sure. When should I get there?

B: Can you make it at ten?

W: Okay. I'll see you at ten at your school.
Can you make it at...?
make it
①해내다. ②성공하다 ③ 시간 맞춰가다, 만나다
너 10시에 시간 맞춰 올수 있니?
너 4시에 공항에서 만날 수 있니?
Let's practice!
A: Can you make it at nine at my school?
Yes, I can.
No problem.
No, I can't
I'm afraid not.
How about ______?
Talk with your friends.
A: Why don't we go to the
[your friend's name]
B: Okay. Can you make it at
at the bus stop?
A: No problem.
I'm afraid not. How about ?
B: Good see you then.
The End
Let's guess what today's topic is
U2- Sometimes you can't make it on your own
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