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Launching the personal project with students

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jak kearney

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Launching the personal project with students

What is it all about?
The Personal Project
Best to frame the project around things that you are interested in, but where there are problems.

What problems exist for you?

What problems exist in an area of interest for you?

What problems exist for us as a community at SIS?

What problems exist as a member of your community where you live?

What problems exist as a resident of Andalucia?
Identities and relationships (RED)
Dimensions of space and time (WHITE)
Personal and cultural expression (BLUE)
Scientific and technical innovation (BLACK)
Globalization and sustainability(GREEN)
Fairness and development (YELLOW)
Global contexts ... these help us to frame our thinking... They can be a lens to look through
Two years ago in Andalucia there was an extreme shortage of water. This was due to a very warm and relatively dry winter, followed by a very hot summer. - This is the problem, your
would be to address this problem.

Looking through the lens of the different global contexts.. think about different possible solutions to this problem. - The solutions will be your
A pre-suggested problem
Can you think about some solutions to the problems we found earlier?

Can you think about different solutions by looking through the different GLOBAL CONTEXT lens.

How does thinking about a problem from different global contexts shape our thinking?
Back to our problems...
Think about a problem that YOU would like to solve.

Think about a
global context
to approach the solution through

Think about a possible solution, this is essentially your

By the end of today you should have the start of an idea of a problem that you want to solve (
a goal
), a global context and a product.

By the end of the day on May 23rd you should have a concrete idea in mind.

By June 12th you will need to have formalized this to present your ideas to the whole year group and teachers.
Your aim for today...
How do i start?
Identities and relationships... Think about solutions with a focus on beliefs, values, personal, mental, spiritual health, human relations, families, friendships, communities, cultures...
Dimensions of space and time... View solutions through the lens of personal histories, historical turning points
The interconnections between individuals and civilizations.. from personal, local or global perspectives.
Personal and cultural expression... View solutions by thinking about questions such as how do we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, our beliefs. How do we appreciate aesthetics?
Scientific and technical innovation... View solutions to the problem through exploration of the natural world and its laws, interactions between people and the natural world. How do humans use their understanding of scientific principles?
How have technological advances helped communities?
How have Humans adapted to environments?
Globalization and sustainability... View solutions to the problems through exploring the interconnectedness of
human made systems and communities.
How do local experiences affect the global experiences?
Fairness and development... View solutions to problems through the lens of rights and responsibilities, the relationship between communities and shared resources, people and other living things...
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