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Sleeping Beauty And The Guy Who Woke Her Up

No description

Dayanna Lara

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Sleeping Beauty And The Guy Who Woke Her Up

Sleeping beauty and GuyWho Woke Her Up One day there was a girl named Aurora and a guy named Issac. Aurora Was 18. She lived with her mom. She spent most of her time sleeping. So her mom gave her the nick name of Sleeping beauty. Issac was 18 too. He lived with his dad in his very own land. Issac saw aurora at his party and fell in love at first sight. Aurora had to go the restroom. She went up the stairs and as she was walking fell. She came tumbling down the stairs and bumped her head on the coner of a table. Issac saw and ran to go catch her but it was to late. Her head was bleeding and she wouldn't wake up. Aurora's mom was a maid she clean all sorts of houses. One day she was called to clean Issac house. His house was really big she wasn't sure she could clean it all by her self. Aurora felt bad about her mom having to clean the whole house. so she decided to go to the house and surprise her mom. Once Aurora got there she went to here mom and told her she was here to help. Her mom was really happy to see her. She gave Aurora a maid outfit and they both got to work. After they were done Issac's dad gave them an invitation to Issac's 19 birthday party. Aurora was really happy that she got invited. Her mom wasn't so happy when Aurora told her mom she wanted to go Aurora asked her mom what was wrong but it seemed like her mom didn't want to tell her. After a long ride in there car her mom finally told her. Her mom said she wasn't so happy about her going to the party because she didn't want her to be around a lot of people that had more money that them. After they talked Aurora decided she was still going to the party and she wasn't going to let money get in the way of her having fun. So she got ready and left. Once she got there she was really lost and confuse and thought to her self that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come after all. The only thing she knew was that the party was for some guy name Issac. Aurora bumped into Issac in accident. She looked at him and she felt butterflies in her stomach . They took her to the hospital and the doctor said she was in a coma. Her mom came running inside the room and started crying. Issac didn't know what to do. Issac was in the hospital room alone with Aurora. He was so in love with her. He kept thinking about her. After a while past by he got news from the doctor. The doctor said that he wasn't so sure that she was going to get out of her coma soon. He said it would take at least 1 whole year. He was really upset. He didn't sleep that whole day. He stayed in the room with her. He took a good look at her and slowly leaned in and before he could kiss her she woke up. Aurora was freaking out when she saw Issac to close to her. She pushed him off her and began to ask him questions. Issac Began to answer all her question but, then when she ask him why he was to close to her he didn't know what to reply. Until he told her the true. Aurora began to blush. She looked at him and she gave him a big kiss. Once she got out of the hospital she went home. the next day Issac went to her house and asked her to marry her. She accepted and they live happily ever after.
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