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A History Of African Americans : 1880

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Nathan Rivera

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of A History Of African Americans : 1880

Ida B. Wells
-She became part of owner of the Memphis Free Speech newspaper in 1889.
-After the murder of her friend Thomas Moss - due to success
-She used the newspaper to encourage blacks to leave town due to deaths in accused lynching
-Her newspaper office was then destroyed by whites for publishing a editorial on free speech
To be continued....
-Johanna Bowen Redgrey : Midwife, born into slavery ,striking woman, 6ft tall and strong and married to Lewis Redgrey
-Two important people within the community
- Both studied providing help to the poor and needed
-Their mission was to provide good education for their sons and the people of Tuskegee
Striving for education
A History Of African Americans : 1880
Pages : 31 - 57

-She was exiled by her home in the south due to defending blacks
-Ida then went to the north and got a newspaper job
-After her published work was well known she traveled as a lecturer

The Big Debate
-Booker T Washington was chosen to be the school master and arrived in Tuskegee in June 1881

-The big debate was about which would be the best approach to providing education to black people
-Booker t Washington believed that " the power of the mouth is not like the power of the object lesson"
-Others criticized by thinking that his way of thinking was that blacks should be more manual laborers then trying to achieve high intellectual success
Tuskegee Institute
-It was in institute that was created by and for blacks by the end of the nineteenth century

-Olivia Davidson
joined booker t
she helped the
community to raise money for the institution
by knocking door by door and talking about there mission in education

-In June 1881 Washington began recruiting
for his new school by speaking at both
Baptist and Methodist churches
- The first class had 30 students all of various ages
-Two years later there was 169 and by the 1900s there was 1400 students


Journalist T. Thomas Fortune saw his audience very triumph of leadership.
Black novlelist Charles W. Chesnutt believed southern whites found it wise becuase it fit their purpose.
W.E.B Du Bois
Became the first African American to recieve a PhD. degree from Harvard Univeristy.

Helping shape the new standard of leadership.
Represented discussion and change from bottom to top.
It lead to an elite negro organization founded in D.C for African American Intellectuals .
Arkansas Georgia, Kansas Maryland Rhode, Texas and South Carolina.
Organized Conventions for black leaders to discuss political policies and conditions.
Rejecting Washington idea of silence.
Fortune's relationships.
Booker T. Washington's good friend.
Strong supporter of his platform on industrial education.
Financially returned.
Trying to make a change
This group of Afro-American intellectuals have come together to win their civil rights.
Putting an end to Lynching, convict lease system , ability to vote , public acts.
Activism was the effect of American imperialism starting from the year it was founded.
Spanish American war.
Spanish territory decreased. Domination of Cuba and Puerto Rico.
Cubans desired political independence.
American business interest invested millions in Cuban plantations.

Cubans revolted.
U.S had strong economic interest in controlling outcomes.

Nevertheless many were forced out of homes leaving them to starve and suffer from diseases.
Black issues about Patriotism.
Black soldiers serving abroad for a country that would not gran them citizenship.
Also gave African Americans an opportunity to show leadership
And gave African Americans the courage to come out and speak, act, write, sing what they felt to the those who they believed should listen who were those whites.
Booker T Washington
-Married 3 times : Fanny Norton Smith,
Olivia Davidson, Margaret Murray(taught in Tuskegee institution

-Housekeeping and domestic science classes for women as weel as the study of agricultural methods

Church being a huge factor

-1880s black women church
activist organized state conventions for higher education in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi , West Virginia and many more

The big Speech
-In September 18, 1895 Booker T Washington came to give
a speech infront of the state which also signaled the arrival of new leader among the African americans.
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