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Up to what extent does technology allow for the ubiquity?

Juan Pablo Meneses

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Ubiquity

Double click anywhere & add an idea Ubiquity Technology is in my opinion the more important thing that allow ubiquity around the world, due that knowing that ubiquity is “Existence everywhere, or in places, at the same time;”, we know that with technology this word or meaning of the word is possible. Also allows for ubiquity to extend all around the world because the world without technology may be a nonsense world. Web 2.0 This term is used to desribe some interactive application around the world, that facilitate us information sharing, interoperability, user-centeres desing and collaboration. Characteristics •Let users to do more than just get information.
•Run softwares-application entirely through a browser.
•User can own data from a web 2.0 site
Web 1.0
Concept creator are few
Simple links to read
There was no a clear layout
In the “old web” it didn’t have a notion of friends and groups.
Sites tend to cover a single topic
Differences between
Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 Web 2.0
Any consumer can be a creator
Complex link available
Purpose and layout of the site
Notion of friends and groups
Promote intra–site activities
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a form of computing by the internet, that shares computer resource and do not use the software or storage of the local pc.

Characterstics •On-demand self service
•Broad network access
•Resource pooling
•Rapid elasticity
•Measured service
Copyright are exlusive rights that and author
or the main creator of a work that he created,
has to copy, distribute and adapt his work. Characteristics •The rights can be licensed,transferred or assigned
•Last for some period of time, then the work enter to public domain
•Applies to a extend range of works that include all types of work
Copyleft plays with the word copyright, it’s a type of
copyright but give more liberties to the user to use the
information but if the copy or modified something of
the information they must chage it with the indications
that copyleft tells. Characteristics •It is a form of licensing and may be used to maintain a type of copyright with some works:computer software,documents,music and art.
•The author can give each person that receives the work lot of liberty to use the document.
•Works remains freely available
Copyright Copyleft
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