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Team Product

All about Glidden Paint

Shailey Sievers

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Team Product

History of Glidden GLIDDEN PAINT What makes paint durable?
How often should you repaint?
A successful painting job...? The Painting Process Current Advertising Won Gold Effie Award in 2010 Developed campaign that launched in 2009 Time Square fan photos (1/50) “With this campaign, we wanted to capture and celebrate those personal moments of pride when a painter sees the job finally done, and introduce Glidden Paint to a new group of people who have a hard time getting started with their painting projects.” Print ad The rest of the campaign Broadway flash mob (with NUNS).
Advertising the free quart give-a-way after they launched the re-invention on Glidden More spin off commercials with these "characters" Home Depot and Walmart specific ads Glidden Products Glidden at Walmart Official Team Colors Symbol Matching 3: 1: 2: Pick Your Sheen Decide How Much Most interior paints provide 375 to 400 square feet of coverage per gallon Find the right paint sheen for a specific project Pick Your Color
HOME DEPOT Glidden Peel n' Stick
Color Swatches 2001 ANNUAL ROUNDUP OF
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