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Apartheid South Africa

No description

ethan coscia

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Apartheid South Africa

By: Ethan Coscia
Apartheid South Africa
Nelson Mandela
Ethnic violence
- Zulu's demand an independent nation
1990 to 1994
- Negotiations with many political parties

-Main ones ANC and Apartheid government

- How do you think the whites will react to the ANC trying to share power?
White fears:
- Whites become afraid of black revenge

- Eugene Terre' Blanche leader of the AWB
(Afrikaner Weerstandsbewegging)
1949 to 1994
Apartheid laws:
Thanks For Watching
By: Ethan Coscia

-Born: July 18,1918 in Mvezo
South Africa

-What do you know about Nelson Mandela?
- Police could displace blacks from pubic areas
- Each town was broken up ethnically
-Blacks were in shanty towns

First democratic elections:
Mandela wins election:
South Africa since apartheid:
- Has more opportunities for blacks
- South Africa hosted and won the 1995 rugby world
- Hosted 2010 football world cup
- South Africa is now a

- April 27, 1994 South Africa Has its first democratic elections

- Mandela becomes the first black and democratically elected president of South Africa
- Miricle rising
-death of apartheid the whites last stand
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