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Blue Sea Slug [Glaucus atlanticus]

No description

Lorena Jaramillo

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Blue Sea Slug [Glaucus atlanticus]

Blue Sea Slug [Glaucus atlanticus]
The Blue Sea Slug is an Endangered Species
The venom acts as a defense mechanism
It is extracted from other poisonous creatures. For example, the Portuguese Man o'War
Even though it is small in size, it is capable of eating bigger organisms.
The blue sea slug s immune to the venom it consumes from its preys, and turns it into a more powerful, deadly venom.
It floats upside down in the ocean's surface in order to camouflage.
It is a hermaphrodite species.
Measurements for conservation
Unfortunately, only 3% of the ocean's conservation fund is spent on sea slugs

However conservation of the blue sea slug also includes Internet awareness through blogs and articles.

What can WE do about it?
The sea slug population has decreased an 80% over the last 10 years
Sea slugs help to maintain the balance between algae and coral
There would be an overpopulation of jellyfish, especially Portuguese Man o'War.
The absence of sea slugs would create an imbalance in the ecosystem
About the species
Glaucidae family (colourful sea slugs)
It can measure up to 3cm when mature.
It has 6 lateral ceratas that aid with respiration and metabolism.
It has a cell named
which sting and burn human skin.
It lives in tropical and temperate waters mainly.
South Africa,East Australia,and European Waters
Its also called Blue Dragon mollusk and Blue Angel.
Blue Sea Slug venom mechanism
Ocean acidification.
Coastal Development.
Internet attention: Pokemon look alike.
This has lead to the capture of Sea slugs.
Exotic pet trade.
It has been declared as an Endangered Species by the IUCN Red List.
The demand for the blue sea slug is due to its internet fame.
The blue Sea Slug is a beautiful animal due to its colour and shape. There is high demand for due to its internet fame. However, taking them away from their natural environment kills the as they lack a principal source of food.
Their absence at sea can cause a imbalance in the ecosystem
Please Save me
Speak up for the Blue Sea Slug!
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