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Analyzing Children's Literature

No description

Julissa Sanchez

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Analyzing Children's Literature

Analyzing Children's Literature
Read the book together and brainstorm rhetorical triangle
Who is the speaker of the story?
What is his/her tone? (provide parenthetically cited textual evidence to prove tone)
Who is the intended audience?
What is the purpose of the children's book?
Basic Literary Analysis
Give a brief summary in one sentence that has the beginning, middle, and end.

Identify: Protagonist & Antagonist
Characterize both and support with parenthetically cited textual evidence

Identify Main Conflict: Identify as External / Internal

Identify Setting: Explain its relevance to the story.
Identify what rhetorical device is used MOST effectively.
*Identify the device
*Provide Parenthetically Cited Example
*Provide Analysis / Commentary: why is it most effective? What is its connotation?
Compare: So far, how does THE LITTLE PRINCE and your book compare to one another?
Short Answer Response: Answer the question. Support with embedded textual evidence (parenthetically cited) from both selections. Explain.
Works Cited Page
Offer citations for both books.

Follow MLA format. Alphabetize entries.

Lastname, Firstname. Title of book. City
city of publisher: Publisher, published year.
Print or Web or Kindle
Worth 20 points
Worth 30 Points
Worth 20 points
Worth 20 points
Worth 10 points
All this will be presented
via a PREZI.

Choose template that best reflects your book.

Include Visuals (min. 2)

Be sure you proofread & Edit
before "publishing"
All groups will
present on Friday,
January 24th.

This will be a test grade.
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