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Lab Notebook Setup


Amanda Potter

on 19 August 2009

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Transcript of Lab Notebook Setup

Lab Notebook Setup Why do we need a lab notebook? In all fields of science, experimenters keep lab notebooks. Many times it is the only proof they have that they performed the experiment. It is essential that everything in the notebook is 100% true. Set up Page 1: Title Page
The first page of the notebook should include the following information:
•The name of the researcher
•The name of the institution where the research was performed
•The date the notebook was started and finished
•Complete contact information so the notebook can be returned in case of loss.
Pages 2-4: Table of Contents
Leave two or three pages after the title page for a table of contents. There should be columns for the the date of the entry, name of the entry, and the pages on which the entry can be found...and a grade column for me to record the grade. All of this information needs to be entered or the notebook entry is NOT complete!!
Now number your pages front and back... 1,2,3,4,5...
Keep going :o) 1st notebook entry Lab Safety Video Notes Enter the title into the table of contents Write the title on the top of page 1...every assignment should have a title! Welcome to Chemistry!!
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