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Lexie Johann Nilson+Awesome


Orlene Olson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Lexie Johann Nilson+Awesome

Johann Nilson Sweden The population of stockholm, Sweden the last time they checked was 809,072 A food that looks super scrumpcous to me is a cake called Kladdkaka that originally came from Sweden. It is also callled Swedish sticky Chocolate cake! Johann was born in 1894 and died in 1969. He was alive during the Great Depression which started at 1929. He also was alive during World War I and World War II. Word war I started in 1914 and World War II started in 1939.
my ancestor lived in... Johann moved to Sweden so he could have a better life. Great Grandpa Swedish Meatballs are said to taste like pure awesome. Swedish pancakes are very delicous. I have actually had them before. You can have them with many toppings, including jelly, cinnamon, butter, syrup, ect! Pretty much anything you feel should be on it. Sweden has a population of about 9.8 million if that makes it a bit more clear.... Fun FACTS:
54% of Sweden is Forest
16% is mountains
8% agricultural land
9% water
449,964 km2 is Sweden's area
The languages spoken in Sweden are:
Swedish, English, Sami, Finnish, Yiddish,
Romani Club and many, many more.
Storks, Reindeer, Moose and Brown Bears
are all native to Sweden. Famous People
alive at that time where:
Albert Einstein
Queen Elizabeth
Henry Ford
Sweden is also known as,
"The Land of the Midnight Sun"
Mightnight Sun is when the sun
is visible within the Arctic and Antacrtic
circles at Midnight in Summer months. By Lexie Nelson h The Swedish Flag Summers in Sweden can be very hot. The hottest is usually July. The coldest month is February. Snow is common in both central and northern Sweden. Sometimes the winters are even dark, because some areas experiance 4 hours of sunshine per day. Flora
More than 55% of Sweden is covered with woods, mainly pines, fir and larch.
Raspberries and Billberries are common in the wild. Sweden has about
2000 plant species.
Moose, deer and fox are common throughout Sweden. Wolf, lynx and brown bear
populations have suffered at the hands of eager hunters. More than 300 bird Species
live in Sweden. Sweden has about 1,140 historic fortresses, 2,500 open air runic stones,
25,000 protected Iron Age graveyards and 10 royal castles in Stockholm
alone. The official name of Sweden is "The Kingdom of Sweden" Sweden has a very high number of McDonald's Restaurants Until 2005, SWeden had 588 (summer and winter) Olympic medals. A game often played in Sweden is Football (soccer) which makes alot of sense why they call it football. It's playing ball with your feet! Ice Hockey is also rather popular in Sweden. Thanks to:
Bing.com/images for helping me get all these awesome pictures!! Johann Nilson was really, really, really, really, really, COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Johann Nilson George Nelson Christine Nelson Mike Nelson :) Karen Nelson Jefferey Nelson Beth Nelson Kayla, Kenzie, Lexie, CaLVIN, mAX Nancy Clifton Andrea WArd Jaimie Braunchswaig Jaimee ??? Greg Purcell John Greniger One of Johann's sons, and his 6 kids!
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