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Design Thinking Action Lab

No description

elisabete p

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Design Thinking Action Lab

Design Thinking Action Lab
Elisabete Pires
My Design Thinking Process
Empathize and Define
Ask people about the problem and observe with fresh eyes...
Write the Problem Statement

. Need: experience of a person that can be improved
. Should not limit the solutions
. Use verbs
Empathy all over the process and make the right questions.
Prototype and Test, be prepared to fail, learn with that and start all over again.
Ideate. Everybody is creative, give it a chance... promote yourself and dive in it.
. Quantity and Diversity of ideas
. "blue sky" ideas - stretch your imagination
. "turn off your self censor"

Create an Empathy Map

What people...
. Say
. Do

Infer about what people..
. Think
. Feel
Prototype - Make ideas real

. Building over planning
. Essence over details
. Stay at low resolution
. Material to use
Prototype and Test

. Do not sell your idea
. Let the tester experience the prototype
. Capture the feedback
. Be open to unexpected out comes and misunderstandings
. Don't get attached to your prototype

. Test with more than one

+ what worked
What could be improved
? Questions
! Ideas
"Make sure you are building the right thing before you invest a lot in building it right."
"Problems are opportunities for creative solutions."
"The secret to your success?
Make others successful."
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