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Howard University

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grayson greer

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Howard University

Howard University What I learned About Howard University-I learned that Howard University is a University that grew from an Idea to a college In the D.C. that has changed A.A. education forever. Evolution- Year-Nov. 20, 1866- Today- Connection To the Civil Rights Movement- Howard University was founded in 1867 by: General Oliver O. HowardThis school was founded to give a good, strong education to the gifted of the mind and those who want to give effort in learning and practicing what they are pursuing. It is a historically Black University but is open to all races and all that want a good education. Howard University- Brief History- Founder-General Oliver O. Howard- Howard University was founded by: General O. Howard along with First
Congregational Society of Washington on Nov. 20 1866and the first to enter
the University came in on: May 2, 1867. General Howard founded the school
because they considered established a theological seminary for the education
of African- American clergymen. Founded on: Nov. 20 1866and the
first to enter the University came in on:
May 2, 1867. It was started as an institution for the education of youth in liberal arts and sciences. The University charter as enacted by congress subsequently approved by President Andrew Johnson on March 2, 1867, designated Howard University “a University for the education of youth in the liberal arts and sciences.” The University was then given an “allowance”/ budget. This budget was to be used for the expansion, upgrading, construction, maintenance, etc… of the University.
In 1926, when Dr. Mordecai Wyatt Johnson, Howard’s first black president, assumed the presidency of Howard. At the time, the school consisted of 8 schools and colleges, none which held any national accreditation. The institution’s enrollment during this year stood at 1,700 and its budget at $700,000. By the time he retired 34 years later, the university consisted of 10 proud, accredited schools and colleges, an $8million budget, along with 20 new buildings, including a physical plant. Dr. Johnson’s successor was Dr. James M. Nabrit, Jr. who was previously Secretary of the University and Dean of the Law School. My Favorite Piece Of Information- was that Howard University went from a budget of $700,000 and in 34 years went to a budget of 8million dollars,





http://exhibitions.nypl.org/africanaage/essay-renaissance.html The Howard's president's successor in 1969
wrote a book called "The New Negro" which spiked
actions and movement during this time period. Also, students at Howard developed the "stool sitting Technique" which developed as the movement went on. Howard University for the most part developed many writing, techniques, movement changeing things, etc... And this University really changed the movement.
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