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Managing Incidents with NettroBME

Solution for Public Transport Companies

Milica Radic

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Managing Incidents with NettroBME

Integrated Incident
Management System Nettropolis Triggering Event: Accident with bus and tram On-Board System ITCS System Control Center NettroMDE for Mobile Workforce Are you at any time and any place informed about the ongoing operations in your company? Who provides photo material when a delay or accident occurs? How fast can you enable the information flow on the spot once an incident has occured? Nettro®CMS ! ! ? ? Nettro®BME Fahrgastinformation Maßnahmen einleiten ITCS Mobile Geräte Boardrechner Leitstelle NettroCMS NettroBME NettroBME The ITCS-Award winning solution for enterprise information management and incident management allows you to create and prioritize any kind of operation message in standardized form. NettroCMS With Nettro®CMS you can manage and publish data and passenger information using a controlled multi-media distribution chain.

Data import from Nettro®BME
Pre-defined text modules dynamically enriched
Variety of multi-media formats
Output via Internet, DPI-displays (vehicle/station)
Text-to-Speech functionality
Passenger information at planned and unplanned deviations NettroAWS Cyclically recurring analysis and reports are deposited centrally in one system and with just a few clicks are at disposal to all authorized personnel.
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