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SOFO New Account Procedures

No description

SOFO Student Supervisor

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of SOFO New Account Procedures

Step-by-step process to creating a new account
SOFO New Account Procedures
After an application is submitted, it will take up to a week upon receipt before a confirmation e-mail is sent with your account number and instruction on how to activate your SOFO Account.
Submit a SOFO Application
(If your account has co-presidents, select ONE to sign for SOFO transactions)
Your advisor approves group spending to ensure that it adheres to University policy
SOFO Training and Quiz
Officers are required to be SOFO trained and quizzed in order to process transactions
If a group's treasurer is not trained, your group will be prohibited from moving forward with transactions
Watch the Pre-training presentations online, take the quiz and bring it to SOFO, then sign-up for a live training session.
The SOFO signature card allow us to confirm your identity at the window and contact you about issues with your account.
Signature Cards
It also outlines the responsibilities you accept as being a recognized officer of a SOFO account.
To sign in as an officer, you must be listed as an officer on the SOFO Account Application.

Cards can be filled in at the SOFO window. We recommend signing in after attending a training session.
Vouchers are required with every SOFO transaction
Voucher Books
If you are a trained officer, you can sign out a voucher book from SOFO for your group. Groups should only have one voucher book at a time.
Create a system of bookkeeping
See our "SOFO Account Maintenance" Presentation for ideas and tips for recording your transactions
Once you have completed all of these steps, you're ready to make transactions!
Register Your Group with Wildcat Connection
From there, you can go to SOFO's group page and download an application.
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