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Technology in schools

No description

Millie Williams

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology in schools

Technology in schools By Vanieztia Inniss-Rose, Hepzibah Hill and Millie Williams Currently, Wycombe High School mainly uses desktop for computers... However, should we be using laptops? The pros and cons of using desktop computers Less likely to get stolen
Less fragile
Easy to repair
Easy to use
Can be shared
Easy to share documents
Encourages better posture than a laptop does What can be used? Desktops Pros and cons of laptops Technology is becoming increasingly used in schools! However, further developments can and will be made... In this presentation, we are going to discuss the advantages and
disadvantages of using technology
in schools, and also discuss what
further improvements could be
made to education through
the use of technology... Pros Cons Pros Cons Less weight than several books.
Smaller than computers.
Teachers don’t need to struggle over handwriting.
Saves paper.
Work does not get so easily lost- you can back it up.
You can work at home more easily.
Access to information more easily through the internet.
More hygienic than a shared desktop
Cheaper than a desktop Difficult to operate compared to pen and paper.
Students get distracted by internet.
Students have undeveloped writing skills and are too reliant on computers.
Expensive- £60-£500
If they break/ get lost, you may lose all your work at once.
Uses up power- increases school’s power bills.
Discourages social interaction- harder to work in groups with computers in the way.
Easier to break than a proper computer.
Harder to doodle- teachers can monitor students’ work. Use of tablets and sports apps in PE lessons • Using health apps- heart rate, how many calories burnt, BMI etc. • Clear targets/ goals set. You can have a record of your achievements (or failure to achieve) • Less time-consuming than folders. • Specialized exercise plans for student depending on what they would like to do and
what suits their
level of fitness. • Less dependence on the teacher- students can research game rules, strategies etc. online. • Less interactive with other students. • May take away from time more usefully spent doing exercise. • Expensive. • May get broken, being used outside for PE. Tablets! Like Kindles! Laptops! THE INTERNET! Skype! DuoLingo! Lighter than several books - wont damage
a young child's posture.
Easy to read.
Easy to hold.
Do not get damaged so easily.
Free books and cheaper books.
Variable font size
Saves paper.
Would encourage students to read more Pros and Cons of Kindles Doesn’t feel right.
Doesn’t smell as nice.
If they break, you haven’t broken all your books.
The joy of physical objects.
Very expensive- 60-200 pounds.
Doesn’t look so indie.
Kills bookshops, second-hand bookshops.
Unsuitable for children’s books. Not portable
More expensive
Slow- Takes a long time to connect to the system
Not very hygienic
Does not promote a healthy lifestyle ENJOY!!!! Well what about laptops????
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