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Copy of Hexagon workflow (CP22)

Prezi by Prezzip

Andrew Abramson

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Hexagon workflow (CP22)

Football is Next...
What is the Problem?
to meet these needs
we created

- Scouting = antiquated, inefficient, expensive

To explain iSCOUT, we first must demonstrate Synergy Sports
Why is this NEEDED in Football?
Hypothetical box score between
Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders:
(8:10) B. Roethlisberger pass to H.Miller for 25 yards, touchdown
What does this NOT tell you:
What kind of coverage did the QB face?
Was he throwing in the face of pressure?
How tight was the pass coverage?
Who was in coverage?
Did someone in the secondary bite on a play-action fake?
What exactly is iSCOUT?
Statistics and scouting
are NOT mutually exclusive
Goal: bring scouting and statistical analysis together into one cloud-based service, where everything that happens on the football field will be measured both visually and statistically
Example: Marqise Lee, USC Receiver
Andrew Abramson
Brandon Ballew
Andrew Costa
Vincent Tsang
Initial Target: College Football Teams
1. Distribution rights much lower than NFL
2. Blue Ocean - No direct competitors in CFB space
3. More revenue able to be generated than with NFL teams (125 vs. 30)
4. Will serve as proof of concept, allowing us to establish leverage when negotiating NFL Distribution rights deal
5. Provides major benefit to CFB teams, who have smaller scouting budgets and staffs than NFL teams
Next Targets: College Fantasy Football Players; Gamblers
1. Will need to have a good amount of cash before negotiating distribution rights with NFL; therefore, they are final target
2. NCAA Fantasy Football is booming market
3. NCAA Football Gambling is multi-billion dollar industry
4. By having NCAA teams give iSCOUT their stamp of approval, will legitimize service in eyes of consumers and they will want in on this service
Final target: NFL teams, NFL agents, NFL Fantasy Football players
6. Direct marketing - use Andrew Abramson's connections to sell directly to NCAA Coaches
5. Will advertise on College Fantasy Football web sites (CBS Sports)
How is it done? What is our Secret Sauce?
National network of loggers, paid hourly, to watch/log each game; loggers will be trained and certified
Competitive Advantage
1. First mover
2. Economy of Scale
3. Level of Competition Metric - unlike any other scouting service, iSCOUT has developed a proprietary algorithm to account for each player's "Level of Competition" on every play; "Contextual Analytics"
Who Would Use iScout? Target Market?
1. NCAA teams
248 NCAA Teams
2. NFL teams - 32
3. NFL Agents - 700 +
4. Fantasy Football Players - 24 million +
5. Sportsbooks - 58 in Las Vegas
Initial Revenue Model
NCAA D1A - $50,000 (125 possible teams)
NCAA D1AA - $25,000 (123 possible teams
Typical Football Budget - $5 million
Salary for multiple Video Coordinators / Scouting staff - $200,000
Why hasn't Synergy done this?
2 reasons why Synergy has not attempted this

1. Synergy has not figured out how to accurately quantify each play in football
Basketball Backgrounds
Not as objective as Basketball
2. Difficulty of obtaining NFL Distribution rights
As a basketball-focused service, doesn't make sense for them to focus solely on college football, only makes sense if they have NFL too
Potential Future Markets
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