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New Hire Safety Orientation

No description

Katrina S

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of New Hire Safety Orientation

Rights & Responsibilities
Employer Responsibilities
Informing team members of any hazards
Provide training and education to protect health and safety
Inspecting the workplace and investigate reports
Providing and maintaining personal protective equipment
Responding to Health & Safety Committee recommendations
Provide first-aid
Employee Rights
As a valued team member, you have the right to:

A safe work environment
Health & Safety information, instruction and training
Know the hazards to which you are likely to be exposed
Equipment, including personal protective equipment
Be represented by and participate in health and safety activities
Refuse unsafe work
Employee Responsibilities
You have the responsibility to:
Follow safe work procedures and safety rules
Use protective clothing, devices and equipment appropriately
Report hazards and unsafe conditions
Cooperate with the health and safety committee
Report injuries or disease immediately and seek first aid

You have the right to know about the hazards of chemicals used in your workplace.

WHMIS: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It is a comprehensive plan covering hazard identification and product classification, labeling, material safety data sheets, and worker training and education.

All employees working in an environment that contains controlled products must

First Aid
Emergency Procedures
continuous ringing
If you discover a fire:
- Alert others, pull fire alarm station
- Dial 911, state location and nature of emergency
- If trained to do so, attempt to extinguish or control the fire with appropriate firefighting equipment. If not safe to do so or if you cannot extinguish the fire, try to contain it by closing doors when all team members have evacuated
- Evacuate and proceed to your assembly area. If you are unable to leave the building, create an area of refuse by sealing the room, staying low under smoke and signaling for help
Known Hazards & Safe Work Procedures
Team members are unaware of
emergency procedures

Ask questions, inform yourself, make workplace safety a priority
Using incorrect techniques when lifting heavy items
Prevent injury to your lower back by following safe bending, lifting and carrying procedures.
Place your feet apart for good balance, bend your knees
Hold the object close to your body
Lift smoothly and slowly
Pivot with your feet - don't twist your back
Push, rather than pull, a load
Get mechanical assistance for heavy loads
Walking to/from your vehicle or transportation alone or in the dark
Following any medical incident, a First Aid Report must be completed within 48 hours by a first-aid attendant and if possible, the injured employee.

This report is shared with the Occupational Health & Safety Committee so further investigation, if needed, can be conducted to prevent future incidents.
Kitchen spills and appliances, causing electrical hazards or other dangers
Report damaged or frayed electrical cords
Clean up any spills immediately to reduce risk of slips or electrocution. If water is spilled onto equipment and you are unsure, communicate with a First Aid Attendant or member of the OH&S Committee immediately
Store knives and other sharp objects in a safe location
Preventative Measures
Violence in the Workplace
Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

An employee must not carry out any work process if that person has reasonable cause to believe that doing so would create an undue hazard to the health and safety of any person. Report immediately. Do not continue to carry out any process until determined safe.

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution, you have the right to have the matter re-investigated in the presence of a worker member of the OH&S Committee

No discriminatory action will be taken against any employee for exercise any right or carrying out a health and safety responsibility.

Responsibility to Report Hazards
The safety of all team members and guests are of high importance to

We require your cooperation to ensure the health and safety of all team members.

You have a responsibility to report all unsafe or harmful conditions immediately. Do not attempt to guess how to complete any tasks until the hazardous condition is corrected.

Employees are
encouraged to document their concerns regarding the dangerous situation or condition, persons they have spoken to and the outcome of any conversations.

Personal Protective Equipment
Steel Toe Cover: must be worn when completing a task generally done by a member of the receiving team within receiving warehouse.

Dust mask, Ear Plugs & Gloves: available upon request

All Personal Protective Equipment are cared for and supplied by Coastal. If you find you require any additional Personal Protective Equipment, raise your concern with your supervisor or a member of the OH&S Committee.
Prior to starting your new position, the New Worker Safety and Orientation Checklist must be reviewed and signed.
Workplace Safety Tour
Emergency Exits
Evacuation Route & Assembly Area
Location of Fire Extinguishers
Location of Fire Alarms
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