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Shayne Garcia

on 5 January 2018

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Transcript of Overview

Why are Smoke-Free Parks Important to Our Children?
Smoking in public is not just a nuisance, it's a health danger due to exposure to secondhand smoke.
Why are Smoke-Free Parks Important to Our Children?
The California Air Resource Board named secondhand smoke as a toxic air contaminant, indoors or outdoors, with no acceptable level of exposure identified.
Tobacco & Our Children's Health
What is Secondhand Smoke?
Tobacco & Our Children's Health
Of all young people in the U.S. who are currently under 18, more than
6 million
will die prematurely from tobacco related causes.
Why are Smoke-Free Parks Important to Our Children?
Secondhand smoke is harmful to children, adults and pets. Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to suffer from colds an ear infections.
Why are Smoke-Free Parks Important?
Why are Smoke-Free Parks Important
to Our Children?
Nearly 53,000 innocent people that do not smoke die every year from exposure to secondhand smoke in the U.S., and many more suffer unnecessarily.
Resent research proves that secondhand smoke negatively impacts people that do not smoke within minutes of exposure.
Secondhand smoke is a toxic air contaminant.
Many of the compounds in tobacco smoke are released at much higher rates in sidestream smoke
(the smoke released from the burning end of a cigarette)
than in mainstream smoke
(the smoke exhale by the person smoking)
Secondhand smoke exposure is the third leading cause of "preventable" death.
Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in the U.S.
Secondhand smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals; 2,000 are poisons and 69 cause cancer.
More than
7,000 chemicals
have been identified in tobacco smoke.
compounds have been identified as
Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous to children and adults with asthma or other chronic illness because it aggravates their condition.
Secondhand smoke is heavier than air and does not float harmlessly up and away into the atmosphere, but rather descends and swirls around near the ground - closer to children and pets.
Tobacco litter makes up almost 34% of all litter in outdoor recreations areas.
This increases the risks of accidental consumption by children and animals.
Littered cigarette butts are an eyesore. They are the most littered item in the world and they are not biodegradable.
Careless smoking and disposal of burning cigarette butts are a major cause of fires.
Smoke-Free laws have been shown to decrease daily tobacco consumption and to increase smoking cessation among people that smoke.
Smoke-Free laws help prevent the initiation of tobacco use among young people.
Smoke-Free Public Places are Everywhere...
On December 3, 2016, a group of 15 America On Track Volunteers collected cigarette butts at 6 Stanton Parks!
In just a little over 2.5 hours, they collected 2, 706 cigarette butts!!
We need to protect the health of the
11, 717 young people
under the age of 19 in Stanton.
Nicotine is more addictive than heroin and cocaine.
It raises blood pressure, your pulse and narrows blood vessels, which may increase the risk of heart attacks.
Di you know?
Nicotine takes less than 10 seconds to reach your brain.
Cities that have taken ACTION
Beverly Hills
Buena Park
Costa Mesa
Dana Point
El Cajon
El Monte
Fountain Valley
Huntington Beach
Newport Beach
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
Long Beach
Los Angeles
La Punte
Seal Beach
Solana Beach
Santa Ana
Santa Monica
San Jose
San Clemente
San Diego County
San Francisco
Venice Beach
There are
356 municipalities
in California that have restricted smoking in at least some recreation areas beyond state law.
Smoke-Free Public Places Are Everywhere...
Other Outdoor SMOKE-FREE Venus
Benefits of Smoke-Free Parks
As of January 2011, only 9.3% of Orange County Residents smoke -
Butts polluted on the parks travel to our storm drains, ending up in the ocean.
Cost savings: Less Maintenance needed for Smoke-Free Parks
(cigarette butts make parks look dirty and uninviting.)
Reduces Secondhand Smoke Exposure.
Helps protects employees and volunteers who work at the park.
Reduces potential Fire Hazard.
Reduces the health dangers to children and people with respiratory ailments.
Gives law enforcement a reason to question/cite a possible suspect.
603 people from the City if Stanton were survey between the months of October 2015 and October 2016.
Survey Questions:
Are you in support of making the Stanton Parks Smoke-Free?
2. How often to do you visit the parks in Stanton?
3. Is smoking or smoking litter at Parks in Stanton a problem?
4. Are you a Stanton resident?
5. What is your ethinicity?
America On Track
Smoke-Free Parks Surveys
America On Track
Smoke-Free Parks Surveys
America On Track
Smoke-Free Parks Surveys
Question #1
Are you in support of making the Stanton Parks Smoke-Free?

Out of 603 responses:

94% - YES!
6% - No
For more information on Smoke-Free Parks, contact:
America On Track
Tel: 714-531-7144

Claire Braeburn:

Alejandra Cook:
This material was made possible by funds received from the California Department of Public Health, under contract #15-10222.
Overview of Smoke-Free Parks
Can harm brain development in youth/teens, influence future tobacco use, and is a gateway drug.
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