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Women in Sports

No description

Michelle Higgins

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Women in Sports

Women in Sports
By Michelle Higgins and Nicole Lessley
Women in the Media
Women in sports are often looked at by
their body or beauty especially in the
media instead of their skills as an
Often times they are sexualized and rarely
shown wearing their uniforms.
Media coverage for male dominated sports is
widely covered where as women's sports
have less coverage.
1. Attend women's sporting events

2. Support companies that sponsor
and advocate for women's athletics

3. Encourage media to cover women's

4. Encourage young women to participate in sports
Gender & Youth
Men dominate in sports
Young boys look at them as heroic figures.
Women are portrayed by how they look
Young girls don't see the same images
Women and Pay
Women make a significantly less amount of money than their male counterparts
Average Players Pay in Male Sports

NBA: $5.15 million
MLB: $3.34 million
NHL: $2.4 million
NFL: $1.4 million
Average Players Pay in Women Sports

NWBA: Rookie $36,500, Veteran $50,000,
Maximum $95,000

Visions of Athletes
Physical Attractiveness
ESPN Magazine
Women in Sports and Media Coverage
Women make up between 38-42% of all sports and physical activity participants
Women in sports make up only about 6-8% of media coverage
"How Hot is Hot"
"How big can Candace Parker get so big"
"The Hot Cool"
"...best kept secret"
"...for the power of their style and the style of their game.."
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