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Trainee? Welcome to Brussels!

Trainee at an European institution in Brussels? Learn in ten steps how to be part of the city and settle down in Brussels. Presented by the Office of the Brussels Commissioner for Europe and the International Organisations at several institutions.

Alain Hutchinson

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of Trainee? Welcome to Brussels!

Who are we?
How to be part of Brussels’ life? 10 tips
How to settle down in Brussels? 10 steps
What can the Expat Welcome Desk do for you?

Settling down in Brussels?
Welcome to Brussels!
Presenting ...
1. Learn a language: French or Dutch
Join a conversation table!
FACEBOOK : Brussels tandem, language exchange
FACEBOOK : Multi language meet up brussels

4. Follow the Belgian & Brussels news
 3. Subscribe to the following newsletters
8. Book a walk through Brussels
5. Discover Brussels through the eyes of a local
Get a different look of the city with a Greeter, our Brussels ambassador :
Book a greeter for free at
Max 6 persons/greeter
14 languages

7. Get an (academic) view on Belgium and Brussels

2. Mingle with the locals
Radio :
TV : ‘Brussels International’ on Bruzz
Scientific articles :
News :

6. Subscribe to a Brussels blog
9. Get on a tram … and discover the city
Go from end to end and get a good overview of the urban landscape and the different neighborhoods
A good bet: take trams 7, 92, 81 and 51

10. Enjoy ... culture
Get a ticket at Arsène 50
concert tickets - 50%
or go to Brussels Info Place (BIP) on place Royale 1000 Brussels

'Explore Brussels'
The Expat Welcome Desk
Any questions?
Welcome Packs with brochures, maps, vouchers, and a survey
Alone or to share
Web :
Facebook groups :
BXL A LOUER - de bouche à oreilles.

Online rental scams !
• Demand a viewing of the premises
• Never send money to foreign bank accounts (Western Union!)

Step 1: Find an accommodation

Step 2: Sign your lease contract

Short term (max 3 years)
Long term (standard contract of 9 years)
Advice : sign a lease for the period of your stay or foresee an "exit clause"
“Exit clause”
In a short term: negotiate it with
a penalty or not!
In a long term: legally prescribed
with a penalty (3 first years)

2 types of leases
Private: consumption of electricity, gas, water…
Common: for common parts of the building (cleaning, electricity, elevator….)
Provision (based on the real costs) or 'forfait' (fixed amount)


• Usually on a blocked bank account in the tenant’s name
• Rarely in cash! Ask a receipt!
• Landlord & tenant can make an inventory amicably ('A l'amiable')
• They can also choose an impartial expert: costs are shared
Cibex = chambre des experts immobilier
Abex = Association belge des experts
• In writing, in great details and in the presence of both parties
• Read expert report carefully (make your remarks within the month
Inventory of the premises
“Etat des lieux”
Give a notice of 3 months
before the end of the contract
Send the letter at the latest the last day of the month preceding the notice period of three months
Necessary to end the lease
No legal form but a registered letter is safer ('courrier recommandé').
19 muncipalities and town halls in Brussels!
With appointment or not
Under which status?
“Stagiaire” (= worker)
Produce your lease contract, traineeship contract, ID card
For non-EU produce also a medical certificate + extract of criminal record

Step 3: Register with the commune
Don't panic!
Usual procedure

Put your name on the doorbell
Home control visit by the policeman
Introduce yourself to the police station

Step 4: Wait for the police investigation
Step 5: Pick up your ID card at the commune
Step 6 Pay your taxes

Mandatory insuring organization for healthcare
To get partial reimbursements of medical costs
Choose between many associations (liberal, christian, socialist, Symbio, Partenamut,…)
Offer in general the same package
+/- 10€ / month
Exemption for staff and stagiaires of EU institutions

Step 7: Subscribe to a “mutuelle “

Make sure to first register with the commune
Then present the car to the Customs Office : rue de l'entrepot 11 1020 Brussels
Take a compulsory Belgian insurance policy
Introduce your registration at the DIV office
Pay the taxes (tax on entry into service & the road tax)

Step 8: Register your car

System of 5 bags
Blue: plastic bottles, metal packaging,
drinks cartons
White: household waste
Yellow: paper, cardboard
Green: gardening waste
Orange: organic waste but not compulsory
Container for glass bottles
Collect days vary according to your
Free app: Recycle!

Step 9: Sort your waste
If you come back after many years, you might get a surprise! Fines for not having sent back your personal income tax.
Contact your commune to know the exact deregistration procedure
Sometimes by e-mail, sometimes not ...
Ask the "Modèle 8"certificate

Step 10: Deregister from the commune when you leave

A temporary document
For EU citizens
"annexe 19" or “demande d'attestation d’enregistrement”
you wil receive a national number ('numéro national') which identifies you in the Belgian system and begins with your date of birth (upside down)
For non-EU citizens:
"annexe 15" or “attestation”

Legal obligation for stay
of more than 3 months
If not registered:
you might get taxed on a second residence (+/- 500€-1300€/year)!
Penalty of 200€ for late registration
+- 4 months following your first visit
After receiving a convocation from the commune
You will receive your ID-card

Will give you easy access to other administrations
Particularly important for registration with Actiris, the Brussels public employment service
So get ready to work ;-)

+/-Month of May
Consequence of your registration
Belgian law applies: no taxation
for income under the minimum taxable amount (2016 : 7420€/year)
don't need to fill in the form
send it back with the proof
of your traineeship contract

Why register?
How and where?
You will receive
Electronic ID cards
Advantage of an electronic card?
Personal income tax
“Brown envelope”

to Brussels

10 TIPS!
10. Enjoy culture!

Brussels is an international city par excellence
Please enjoy and be part of it! and the "Brussels Commissioner for Europe and the International Organisations" and its Expat Welcome Desk will help you with that

"The Brussels Commissioner for Europe and the International Organisations" and its Expat Welcome Desk
Created in 2014 by the Brussels government
"Our mission is to welcome all international organisations and ensure their deployment in harmony with the development of the Brussels-Capital Region and the needs of its inhabitants."

Contact : Amélie Bovy
Legal Adviser
T. 02 430 66 13
is the Brussels Tourist Agency promoting Brussels
as the Capital of Europe, apart from many other topics
among others to expats

Contact : Patrick Struelens
Manager Europe
T. 02 549 50 96
Leave the place de Luxembourg ;-) and join :
Topics : festivals, exhibitions, concerts, performances, parties

Be Expat.Be Brussels! newsletter register via or by sending an email to
Understand the economic, social, historical and cultural background of your new home
english courses : at the Brussels Academy
Museum : Belvue museum
Exhibition :

Register for the' newsletter on the topic : guided tours
get information on
Explore Brussels! Voucherbooklet
tickets for musea & concerts
drinks (beer!) & food
discounts, free or buy 1 and get 1 free

 Newsletter

Further info in 'Brussels-Europe in figures 2016'
Download from
Blog about belgian gastronomy
Best belgian beers

10 most famous chocolatiers in Belgium

10 best places for fries in Brussels

where to eat the best waffle in Brussels?
Be part of Brussels!
Fill in the survey
scan the QR code -> answer a few questions -> win a weekend for your family or friends

Amélie BOVY - Legal Adviser
T. +32 (0)2 430 66 13

Hélène JACUB - Welcome Desk Assistant
T. +32 (0)2 430 66 14

Annick DE BLESER - Welcome Desk Assistant at the European Parliament
T. +32 (0)2 284 21 46

Expat Welcome Desk
Call +32 (0)2 430 66 00
+32 (0)2 513 89 40

"annexe 8"
: Paper format is free but not practical
: Electronic format
more popular
Cost +/- 20€
For EU-citizens

or "certificat d’inscription au registre des étrangers-temporaire"
Always electronic
+/-20 €
For non-EU-citizens
Problems in the good:
how to react?
Obligation to inform the owner ASAP (orally and in writing
If no reaction send a registered letter with an order to comply ('mise en demeure')
Do never stop paying the rent
In case of dispute go front of the 'juge de paix'

Maintenance and Repairs
Landlord must carry out
The major repairs (roof, stairs, floor, central heating, piping inside the walls)
The repairs due to the use (replacement of broken fittings)
The repairs due to the 'force majeure' (broken windows due to a storm or vandalism)
Tenant must carry out
The maintenance repairs (toilet flush, garden, locker, bulbs...)
The repairs due to his fault
In case of disagreement
'justice de paix' (conciliation is free)
Problems in the good:
how to react?
Obligation to inform the owner ASAP (orally and in writing
If no reaction send a registered letter with an order to comply ('mise en demeure')
Do never stop paying the rent
In case of dispute go front of the 'juge de paix'
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