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Canadian Entrepreneur: John Alexander Hopps

Creater of the first Heart Pacemaker.

Aqila Farzi

on 6 January 2011

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Transcript of Canadian Entrepreneur: John Alexander Hopps

Canadian Entrepreneur: John A. Hopps Biography Dr. John A. Hopps 1919-1998
At the age of 21 he graduated from the University of Manitoba(1941) and a short while later joined the National Research Council of Canada. There, he became the head of the Medical Engineering section of the Electrical Engineering division. During the time of his leadership, many inventions were created to assist the blind, people with muscular disabilities and much more. Honours and Awards He was the founder and the first president of the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society in 1965
President of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering in 1971
Was later the Secretary General (1976-1985)
General Chairman of the International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering in 1976
1985-1988 Secretary General for the prestigious International Union for Physical and Engineering Science in Medicine After retiring in 1979, he still wrote many books on Biomedical Engineering and gave back to the community in ways such as working with kids and such. In 1984 Dr. Hopps had to use his own invention which kept him alive for 13 more years before he passed away on 24th November 1998. He left behind him his wife, daughter, 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and 1 grandchild. How? When? The first ever Pacemaker was invented in 1950 by Dr. John A. Hopps who was helped by Dr. W.G Bigelow and Dr. J.C Calahan.
Dr. Hopps was experimenting with radio frequency heating to restore body temperature when he discovered that if a heart stopped beating due to cooling, it can safely be started again by artificial stimulation using mechanical or electric means. After this the 3 started planning this invention. Interesting Facts The first pacemaker ever made was too big therefore not implantable
1957- The first implantable pacemaker was invented and implanted into a swedish man
1965- O.Z. Roy invented the first biological pacemaker This invention made open heart surgery easier because surgeons could now operate and still have a way to restart the patients heart in case it ever stops beating. This has help many people with heart problems and increased life expectancy. Without this invention, many people would not have survived and even if they did they would be bedridden. The pacemaker allows the person to go on with their lives normally. Bibliography "From the Editor: In Memorium Dr. John A. Hopps 1919 - 1998." CROMBES Homepage. Mar.1999. Web. 29 Dec. 2010. <http://www.crombes.hr/ifmbe-news/ifmbe-news.iee.org/ifmbe-news/mar1999/hopps.html>.
Bellis, Mary. "Invention of the Cardiac Pacemaker - Artificial Hearts - Electrocardiography." Inventors. Web. 29 Dec.2010.<http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blcardiac.htm>.
"Engineering a Better Quality of Life - National Research Council Canada." National Research Council Canada: From Discovery to Innovation / Conseil National De Recherches Canada : De La Découverte à L'innovation. 28 Feb. 2008. Web. 04 Jan. 2011. <http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/education/innovations/discoveries/wheelchair.html>. Hard Worker Hard Worker Hard Worker Hard Worker Hard Worker Hard Worker Hard Worker Hard Worker It's very easy to know how hard Dr. Hopps worked in his life. Being the president of an organisation is a lot of work and he has been a part of many organisations not only as a participant but the President, Secretary General and General Chairman. He was not only the President but also the founder of the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society. Even after he retired he served a term as the President of the Ontario Heart Foundation Self-Confident In order to acheive everything that Dr. Hopps has one must believe in themselves and in their ability to accomplish tasks no mater the difficulty level. To be able to lead thousands of people, self-confidence is important because if you don't think you caan do it, chances are neither does anyone else. He lead people with sucess and help improve the lives of many. Imaginative Dr. Hopps was imaginative because he intially figured out the pacemaker as a mistake while he was experimenting for a solution to another issue. When he made the mistake though, he didn't look at it as a mistake but quickly realized how and where he could use his new discovery. Just because he didn't get what he wanted, he didn't stop. He figured out the problem to this accidental solution.
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