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Family tree

No description


on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Family tree

Family tree
by Gabriel Tellez GOMEZ

My name is Gabriel Tellez Gomez
i have sixteen years old
I student
i'm a young guy
i'm a little tall
i'm a clean person
i have a long beard
and my eyes are brown
i love play league of legends
I hate hypocritical people
I like to play football
I like to sleep a lot
I enjoy the school
she's name is Norma Angelica Gomez Hermenegildo
she's age is forty five years old
she is a housewife
she's medium height
she has a hair red
she's thin
she has a glasses
she has long hair
She loves to cook in the kitchen
She likes walking in the park
She likes to look after their children
She hates the hypocritical people
she hates lying
He's name is Josue Tellez Gomez
He's age is nineteen years old
He's a student of music
He loves composing songs
He enjoys playing the guitar
He hates toxic People
He likes to play league of legends
He always creating songs

he's very thn
he has black hair
He's eyes are brown
He's a little tall
He has curly hair
he does not speak much
he is very happy
he is very emotional
she is very happy
She is friendly with people
she is sympathetic
I'm happy with my life
I love the whole world
I am a very liberal person
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